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More Reasons to Plant a Tree

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Besides dining at a restaurant or watching a movie, what do people usually do when they go out? A trip to the beach or a stroll at the park, perhaps? How about something physically engaging under the sun? Activities in the sunshine can get the serotonin and endorphins going. Some people may go for something thrilling like airsoft or rock climbing. Others may prefer relaxing wholesome fun like a friendly match of badminton or volleyball. Garden work may not get your heart racing like the previous activities, but it can be quite therapeutic. While playing competitive sports require tactics and athleticism, working with plants requires care and patience. For these reasons, consider going out to plant a tree gift on your next trip outside.

Only Good Things Come Out When We Plant a Tree

Sports with physical contact like American football and sometimes basketball can get heated sometimes. Although players should always observe sportsmanship, arguments on fairness can sometimes ensue. These conflicts never arise when you plant a tree. Have you ever seen people fight on how one should put a sapling into the ground? Plants, in general, bring out decent emotions, thoughts, and traits from people. Cultures throughout time ascribe various symbolism to different plants. These symbols range from peace, tranquillity, and harmony, to strength, perseverance, and longevity. There are some rare instances when people give dark themes to plants like death and anger, but for the most part, many of them are child-friendly.

It does not matter whether you’re an aggressive mixed martial arts fighter or shark of the corporate world. When you plant a tree, you get a warm fuzzy feeling that takes you back to when you were a child and curious about the world.

It Can Be a Perfect Gift

Image Source: Pexels

When people celebrate, they usually hold parties or give gifts. Flowers are popular gifts that generally mean all kinds of love, from romance to friendship. Gifting a road trip or vacation together can imply you want to dedicate your time solely to that person. These gifts, however, have occasions when they are appropriate to give. Flowers may be unsuitable on a holiday like St. Patrick’s Day, and you may not want to plan a trip to a tropical island when someone’s parent just died. Gifting a tree, however, can fit any occasion.

With the many meanings and symbols that different trees have, there is bound to be one that is appropriate for the moment. Plant a tree for your anniversary with your spouse to symbolize your strong and lasting love for each other. Plant a tree for someone who passed to serve as a living memorial. It brings honour to those who left this world and brings hope to those who remain. If you feel like it, plant a tree for your kid’s first day at school. The tree will grow along with your child’s mind and body.

We all probably have some idea of the ecological significance of trees. Beyond that, planting a tree can also serve a social purpose. Because of how trees benefit everyone and everything else in the world, planting a tree can bring people closer to a natural goal. When you are thinking of what to do for your next trip with friends and family or even for your next corporate event, why not go out and plant a tree gift?


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