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Telegram 30 March 2020 Update: Chat Folders, Archives & Channel Stats

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Telegram, the popular messaging app that poses a real threat to Whatsapp, is currently more than 6 years old now. By implementing tons of experimental features, Telegram is at the top of its game in the online messaging industry. Just last year, Telegram launched a revolutionary feature – animated stickers. These fast-loading yet engaging stickers come in a whole new file format and are a lot more lightweight as compared to plain old GIFs. Today, Telegram is here to launch something even bolder, bringing the old into the new. The new features are chat folders, archives and channel stats.

What to Make Sense of Telegram’s email-like Features?

It is a known fact that users on Telegram values privacy, and rely on the messaging app for their work and school, which is even more so in the last weeks due to the evolving COVID-19 situation.

With Chat Folders, much like folders on a typical email platform, users are better able to manage their increased chat lists.

Folder Tabs Telegram Chat Folders
Image Source: Telegram

This feature essentially reduces the chances of missing important messages, and allow Telegram users to literally separate fun from work.

Not to mention the eradication of your greatest fear – sending out wrong text messages to a mass Telegram group.


Just throw all those mega groups to a separate folder and whoosh goes that fear!

Once users have categorised their chats into its own folders, simply swipe left and right between tabs to access the newly created custom folders. Unlimited pinned chats are also allowed in each of your folders, so feel free to declutter and get organised now.

Fun Fact: Chat Folders are available on the desktop Telegram app as well, but not on the web version. Heck. Forget about the web version, it is grossly outdated and still doesn’t have the features from the animated stickers update at the point of writing.

What’s Next? Miscellaneous Features to Improve User Experience

Delivering a flawless user experience is the main differentiating factor in Telegram. With this update, it is even more so.

For users who own a channel with more than 1000 subscribers, detailed statistics such as user growth and post performance can be viewed for analytical purposes.

Voice recording and video messages will now get a fancy wavy animation around the record button. The louder the audio, the more “turbulent” the animation is.

A new set of contextualised Animated Emojis are now released too in response to the COVID-19 situation. Send any of these emojis below to your friends to urge them to stay safe, stay healthy, and stay home.

Image Source: Telegram

Downloaded animated sticker packs from Telegram? Most of them are also updated to include coronavirus-related stickers.

Last, but not least, try sending a dice emoji and see what happens! Telegram just gets better and better with improving the usability and practicality of animated stickers/emojis.

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