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2 Reasons Not to Buy the Next Best Game

2 Reasons why You would be a Fool to buy the Next Best Game and how to Avoid this.
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Not all games are bad, but many are… here are the reasons why you should stop getting bait by money-sucking game companies! It’s for your good! If you’re offended by this, you might be one of the many victims.

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1. Fake Advertising

Numerous game companies have always been very professional in marketing their games (unfortunately not so in making the game itself) to the point it totally looks like FALSE ADVERTISING. The most recent and ridiculous case – No Man’s Sky got away from the investigation easy and was concluded by authorities that Hello Games did not use misleading ads or exaggerate the features of the game. Well, and there goes your money.

Developers adopt such tactics to grab a quick cash from innocent gamers who are easily manipulated by advertisement and “sponsored articles/reviews, ” and it is just too easy to achieve that goal. Game titles that merely use their reputation to cash grab are also very familiar. An example of such titles could be Dead Rising 4, Final Fantasy XV, Halo 5, etc. Most titles like this aren’t even close to their predecessors and don’t meet the expectations of most gamers.

2. Games released during holidays.

Again, another trick to grab your cash. Many A+ game titles are frequently released during peak periods like Christmas as this is when many parents and relatives are all desperate to find a fast gift for their children. Most of the time, these games aren’t even up to standard and is just a total waste of your money. Take a look at Ghostbusters:

  • Apparently using the name from the movie to attract more innocent customers
  • Have no direct link to the film characters at all
  • Lousy glitchy gameplay and mechanics
  • Low tier graphics

 You’re goddammed right this is a cash grab.

Time to think:

 Is this game even worth it or just another ripoff?

Here are a few tips on how to save your cash and play only the truly best games of the year.

  • Don’t just jump on the hype train. That’s the dumbest thing you can do. Without even considering whether it’s good or not, you’re just going to spend on the game because you’re a blind follower.
  • Always look at reviews and gameplay videos. Not the Sponsored ones, those are just pro players making it look good and not glitchy. Find content that is played by regular streamers, and you will thank them when they save you that cash with just five mins of footage.
  • When is the game being released? Is the game using famous movie titles/brand names? All these little tiny details can be considered in determining whether it’s worth it.
  • Has the price of the game plummeted since its release? If it has, don’t be an idiot. Unless it’s Black Friday, there is no doubt this game sucks. (Remember Battleborn? 9.99USD for the past eight months)

Thanks for reading. Of course, NOT ALL games are bad, just that only a lot of them are. I hope I’ve offended some of you so that you can stop spending your cash mindlessly and start thinking. Share it to spread the love/hate!

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