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Popular Times Singaporeans Search For P*rn?

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Just a few months back (May 2017), the Guidesify team had written an article on p*rn sites that made it to Singapore’s top 50 most visited sites. These were site rankings listed out by SimilarWeb. As of 18 September 2017, the total number of visits to p*rnographic sites are still on a steady rise:


P*rn Site Rankings:

• X*xx (6), just below Yahoo

• X*ideos (9), just below Twitter and above Instagram

• X*amster (15), below Reddit

• P*rnhub (17), below online marketplace

Do note that mainstream newspaper companies like The Straits Times which generate millions of views from news articles are only ranked from 27th onwards.

Now, onwards to further analysis. For the whole duration of 4 months, since the original Adult sites article was published, the post has received over 50,000 hits and is currently ranking on the first result of Google Search for various search terms.

Disclaimer: Guidesify will not judge your p*rn watching habits, and data is subjected to changes. Oh yes, and when we say Singaporeans, we mean anyone with an IP address from Singapore.

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Popular Times Singaporeans Search For P*rn?

These key terms include Singaporean P*rn, Adult Sites and so on. Hence, the Guidesify Team has decided to compile our analytical data to research on the hourly trends of users’ behaviours on that particular article. Here are the results:


Using this set of data we have gathered over the past four months, it can be inferred that Singaporeans tend to search for s*x-related terms on Google from 9 PM onwards. It then peaks around 11 PM at 82.28% above site average before slowly declining. In layman terms, Singaporeans tend to search and chance upon our article from 10 PM – 1 AM. Let’s examine whether this is accurate as well for Singaporeans searching for p*rn in general with Google Trends. And yes, whatever you search on Google is not private. Google Trends is a public web facility that displays the popularity of different search-terms via search volume. Hence, the data is freely available to anyone here.


From the graphs for keywords “p*rn” and “s*x”, the interest over time also began to build from 9 PM onwards but peaks at a much later time, 4 AM. 

Bonus: Unpopular Times For P*rn


You should be able to decipher this data easily now. Who knew we could study p*rn on such an analytical level?

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