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Escape the Monotonous Routine and Understand the Instagram Algorithm to Make Some Money

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Over the years, we have witnessed numerous social media platforms rise and fall, but some of them have genuinely revolutionized the marketing industry. With the recent surge in the worldwide usage of social media mediums, the way brands perceive marketing has been changed forever, especially with the Instagram Algorithm.

Social media platforms started as a stage to socialize and meet new people, only to evolve into a whole new realm of advertising and marketing. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter has billions of users globally, making them an ample spot for marketers to target.

Even amidst the rising platforms, it is Instagram that has been garnering the most number of users. The platform has managed to rack over a billion users in its short ten years journey, and it seems to be growing every day.

Hundreds of content creators, brands, and businesses are shifting to Instagram due to the sheer consumer potential it provides. However, surviving against the dynamic Instagram algorithm is a tough nut to crack. The Instagram algorithm is driven by AI and machine learning, meaning the algorithm continually evolves based on the data it analyses.

If you are a small business and are looking to expand, then you must have had considered capitalizing on the large platform. While it is a rational decision, the ever-looming question of how to do it poses severe complications in front of you. Do not falter as here you will be able to know how the Instagram algorithm works, and how you can crack it:

How Instagram Algorithm Works

If you are wondering how to make money advertising on Instagram, then you should know that Instagram prioritizes these six factors:

  • Interest
  • Following
  • Frequency
  • Timeliness
  • Relationship
  • Usage

User’s Interest

The algorithm assesses whether the user has shown interest in similar posts from others in the past. If yes, then the chances of the user seeing your post increase dramatically.

Number of Following

If the user follows numerous accounts, then the algorithm ensures that their feed comprises posts from each one of them. Meaning if the user has liked multiple pages, the competition to be highlighted on their feed’s top is really high.

Post Frequency

If the user visits the platform frequently, then his feed will be refreshed every time to offer the best content. On the other hand, if he rarely visits the platform, then his timeline won’t be as relevant. The algorithm ensures that recently posted content is promoted to the top while old content is moved down.

Usage Timeliness

The Instagram algorithm has become more advanced, and now it monitors the time when the user mostly visits the platform. The algorithm aims to provide the latest content and aligns the posts accordingly.

Follower Relationship

If the user has engaged with your post previously, then there are high chances that your post would make it to his feed. Furthermore, the user is also likely to see your content in the future.

App Usage

In case the user rarely visits the platform, then his feed will merely showcase the day’s highlight. In the case of a frequent user, the algorithm ensures that the user is fed constant content, making him scroll further.

How to Crack the Instagram Algorithm

Now that we know how the algorithm functions, it is time to learn how it can be cracked. Here are the best tips to crack the Instagram algorithm:

Prioritize Relationships over Reach

You need to prioritize gaining consumer loyalty instead of garnering a huge unengaging audience. Here is how to do so:

  • Post content that encourages the audience to share their opinions, allowing you to interact with them.
  • Focus on user-based content that your audience has previously posted. It inspires further user-based content, meaning more tags and windows for user engagement.
  • Try to engage your audience with posts such as a contest, challenge, or tag-that-friend.

Engage with Similar Posts from Users & Brands

If you see a post similar to your niche, then capitalize on the opportunity by leaving a positive or quirky comment. It will increase your brand’s visibility and opens up the chance for users to migrate over to your account.

You can try posting on famous brands’ posts and interact in the comment section. However, make sure that your addition to the conversation feels authentic and not opportunistic. Leave the sales pitch aside and try to give a genuine opinion regarding the post.

Capitalize on Users’ Timeliness

Instagram discarded the rumor saying that the first 30 minutes of the post determines its visibility; however, gaining early engagement isn’t necessarily bad. Research your audience and assess your analytics to find the time-window when your audience is the most active.

Optimize your posts’ potential by posting during the peak usage times. It may take you some time to analyze the peak period, but with thorough research and a little trial and error, you will definitely find it.

Respond to Fresh Comments

You might have already noticed that brands and pages generally interact with their audience during the first hour of the post. Try incorporating this simple trick in your routine and reply to the recent comments, even if you simply say “Thank You.”

Make use of Community-Based Hashtags

If implemented correctly, hashtags can get you far on Instagram, increasing both brand visibility and audience reach. Go through the platform and find the active hashtags related to any movement, community, or topic. It will increase your relevance and will provide huge rewards as well.

Use the Stories Function

The Stories function works differently than the user feed and can help you get a great deal of visibility. Instagram Stories is the ideal place to interact with your audience and create loyalty, eventually reaping more visibility and engagement. Use these tips:

  • Try adding some stickers along with your brand hashtags.
  • Share relevant stories from other users and brands.
  • Use interactive stickers to encourage engagement.

If you are confused as to how to create the best Instagram stories, then you can try instagram story template as well.

To Wrap Up

With millions of users hoarding on social media platforms, it is only natural for brands to capitalize on the trend. Instagram is among the most proactive and trendy platform over the web, making it the ideal spot for content creators and businesses to prosper. Instagram Stories is another productive way to boost the business, in a short period of time.

However, doing so is not as easy as it sounds, simply due to the ever-changing Instagram algorithm. Ever since Instagram has decided the algorithm to be AI-driven, the platform is continually evolving. This makes understanding how the Instagram algorithm works a must for every brand.

If you successfully crack the mechanism and capitalize on the growth windows it opens, then nothing can stop your business from reaching enormous success.


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