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Telegram Collective: 8 Essential Telegram Channels And Groups Every Singaporean Must Join

Telegram Collective Singapore Telegram Channels
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Launched in March 2019, Telegram Collective is Singapore’s largest telegram network with a current total subscriber count of over 120,000. Let us put this number into perspective. In less than 6 months, 120,000 kiasu Singaporeans have already joined these networks. You are missing out huge if you are still not in it. 

The name Telegram Collective is self-explanatory. It consists of 8 different channels that you can subscribe to, covering each lifestyle aspect. FOMO much? Let us dwell into each of these Telegram Channels.

1. 1-for-1 and Food Lobangs: SG Food Deals

sgfooddeals sg food deals telegram collective

A channel for foodies with the latest food and drinks promotions & discounts in Singapore.

With a subscriber count of 33,000 members, this Telegram Channel updates you real-time offers every day so that you can spend the most out of your buck on delicious food and drinks. Promotions include 1-for-1 treats, 50% discount and even free food giveaway events. What’s not to like about this channel? 

2. Singapore too Boring?: SG Weekend Plans

sgweekendplans sg weekend plans telegram collective

A constantly updated list of new things to do so you always spend your weekends well!

Running out of things to do in Singapore during the weekends? Is this tiny little red dot giving you claustrophobia? Fear not! SG Weekend Plans is a Telegram Channel that focuses on refreshing your list of to-dos in Singapore so that you can never run out of activities to do with your friends and family. These announcements usually come with brief event details and description, as well as exclusive promo prices for their subscribers.

Events cover a range of activities such as festivals, carnivals, concerts, museum exhibitions and musicals. Get all artsy-fartsy with SG Weekend Plans now!

3. Taking a Break from the Hustle Life: SG Travel Promos

sgtravelpromos sg travel promos telegram collective

Keeping you updated on the latest holiday deals, discounts and promos in Singapore! 🇸🇬  

Wanna take a break from your mundane routine back in Singapore? Look no further, this channel could potentially provide better deals than what you can find on Skyscanner.

SG Travel Promos by the Telegram Collective covers airline tickets, travel activities to overseas accommodations. 

4. Fuss-Free Cheap Fashion Lobangs: SG Budget Babes

sgbudgetbabes Sg budget babes telegram collective

Bringing the latest beauty & fashion promotions and flagship product releases you cannot miss in Singapore. 💋✨

Want to be a cheapskate and not get found out? SG Budget Babes has got you covered. Save the time sourcing for deals and ongoing promo codes to do something else because this Telegram channel will do the dirty work for you.

Now, the only problem left to worry about is whether your friends will purchase the same things as you.

5. Tested Before You Try: SG Cab Promos

sgcabcodes sg cab codes telegram collective

Cab promo codes that are tested to work. 

Remember the last time you are in urgent need to book a cheap grab ride and after browsing loads of “Coupon” and “Promo codes” sites, none of those promo codes seemed to work? Even when the sites allegedly said that it would? 

Skip the bullshit. SG Cab promos will test the codes before publishing on their channel, ensuring that you will be able to save both time and money from these deals.

6. Budget Student Looking For Affordable Dates: SG Student Promos

sgstudentpromos sg student promos Telegram Collective

A dedicated group for students with affordable deals so you never have to burn a hole in your pocket.

We guess most of these deals would require a valid student pass.

So buzz off any cheapo adults! 

In this channel, you will find student privileges such as movie ticket offers and student meals.

Want to explore more student tips and tricks? Guideisify has covered the important Telegram groups to join for students as well as the essential apps and software every uni student needs

7. Always Stay Hyped: SG New Movies

sgnewmovies sg new movies

Movie reviews and recommend shows that are worth watching. Based on Singapore release dates.

Although still a relatively small channel, SG New Movies definitely has a lot to offer. It recommends shows on streaming networks such as Netflix or movies that are coming out in theatres – only those that are worth your time.

To add on, there is also a small film description and review for subscribers to see whether it fits their appetite.

8. Kiasu Parents, 1 more thing to join: SG Parent Things

SG Parent Things sgparenthings

The latest places to bring your kids, kang tao for mommy and daddy, and anything remotely interesting to parents.

Sale, sale, sale… everywhere in Singapore has “sales”. But which one of them is the actual “sale”? SG Parent Things has the answer for that and will post events and exhibitions that will be worth your money and time.

Your kids will thank you for it.

9. For the Fitspo’s: SG Fitness & Health

The latest fitness news, discounts and tips in Singapore!

Keep your eyes peeled here for the latest fitness trends that you may be interested in.

10. Techies, You’re Not Forgotten: SG Tech & Games

Bringing you the latest promotions and updates on tech, electronics & gaming gadgets in Singapore.

With the latest boom in the e-commerce, gaming and tech scene, of course, there are tons of lobangs to look out for and leverage on!

Have something to feature on any of these networks? Get in touch with Telegram Collective now!

Did you know that animated stickers on Telegram exist? No, we are not referring to .gif images. Telegram has released the new sticker format that is lighter and faster than .gif and you should be one of the first to download these packs now!


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