Top 10 April 2024 Valorant Night Market Skins You’ll Want To Buy

Top 10 April 2024 Valorant Night Market Skins
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Are you tired of seeing bland, vanilla skin on all of your weapons?

Are you guilty of asking your teammates to buy you a Vandal just because yours doesn’t have a skin?

Well now’s your chance! The much-anticipated Valorant night market is coming back from 10 April to 29 April 2024. 🎊

What’s So Special About The Night Market

The Night Market is a special store extension first introduced in Episode 01: IGNITION: Act 3, in Valorant. It provides players with an additional opportunity to acquire weapon skins beyond the regular daily offers and store bundles.

Each time the Night Market opens, players are presented with unique offers on six randomly selected weapon skins, with discounts ranging from 10% to 49%. 😮

Skins that will show up in the Night market are weapon skins that cost no more than 1,775 VP and knife skins that cost no more than 3,5550 VP. These skins must also have been released in the Store at least 2 acts before the current Act where the Night Market is active.

These offers are personalised for each player and are available for a limited time during that Night Market period. Each player receives only one set of these exclusive offers per Night Market and cannot re-roll their offers.

When Is The Next Night Market Happening?

VALORANT on X: “It’s dangerous to miss. Night. Market returns.” / X (

With Episode 8, Act 2 coming to an end, the next Valorant Night Market is coming very shortly. It will start on 10th April and will end on 29th April 2024.

So get your Valorant Points topped up and let’s get into the top 10 skins that you should keep an eye out for when you open your 6 rolls. 💳

10. Valiant Hero Vandal

First up, we have the Valiant Hero Vandal skin. It’s from the Premium Valiant Hero collection released in October 2023 and this market will be the first one featuring this collection. 

Skins from the Valiant Hero collection are available in four different variants: default, Sunset, Dusk, and Night with an base price tag of 1775 VP.

Other than the 4 different variants it has, the Valiant Hero skins also feature some stunning VFX and finishing animations heavily inspired by Chinese Mythology, where you can even see the monkey king in the final kill of the round animation. 🐒

For its debut in the Night Market skins pool, you should keep an eye out for the Valiant Hero Vandal and perhaps the rest of the collection! Especially if Chinese Mythology is your thing.

9. Infantry Guardian

Don’t be fooled by its rarity, despite being a Select Edition skin, this unique Guardian skin is something to look out for.

In a game with mostly futuristic and bright skins, the Infantry collection offers something totally different.

Gamers who enjoyed World War II Shooters such as Call Of Duty: World At War and the original Battlefield games will see the wooden exterior of the Infantry collection skins as a welcome sight. 🪖

The Infantry Guardian in particular, with its wooden exterior, resembles the WWII-era German Semi-automatic rifle, the Gewehr 43, which most WW2 FPS games players should be familiar with.

Despite being a different weapon, this skin also features the iconic WW2-era M1 Garand “ping” sound that it makes when the magazine (or in this case clip?) has been depleted.

With a low base price of 875 VP, this heavily underrated skin can be yours this Night Market.

8. Team Ace Operator

Are you a Jett main? Here’s the perfect Operator skin for you!

While being a Deluxe Edition skin without special animations, kill finishers, or any other variants, the Team Ace Operator features a neat, stylish art of the Valorant agent, Jett.

While it does not have as much VFX as other skins, every time it is shot, Jett’s eyes on the weapon’s art will glow blue, making it a uniquely personal skin to Jett mains. 👀

At a base price of 1,275 VP, any fanatical Jett main should keep an eye out for this skin!

7. Black Market Vandal

Do you come from Counter-Strike? Do you miss the AK-47 from that game and think to yourself, “I wish I had an AK in this game.” Well now, you can have an AK-47 in Valorant.

Funnily enough, the Black Market collection came out on 12th April 2024, not long before Counter-Strike 2 came out.

Instead of having fancy animations and kill finishers, the guns in this bundle stay true to its inspiration, Counter-Strike, having none of those.

Don’t sleep on it though, as what makes it special is its alternating appearances between when its user is attacking and defending, paying homage to Counter-Strike for having different weapons for its CTs (defenders) and Ts. (attackers)

In the Black Market Vandal, defenders will be able to wield an M4A1-inspired Vandal while attackers will wield what appears to just be a straight-up AK-47. 🔫

At an original price of 1,775 VP, ex-CS2 players can now re-live their memories of one-tapping and spraying with an AK in Valorant. (unfortunately, the Vandal’s spray pattern doesn’t change)

6. Valorant GO! Vol. 1 Knife

Jett mains, we have yet another good news for you!

Yet again featuring your favourite agent, the Valorant GO! Vol. 1 Knife comes in the shape of a Kunai and with the Jett artwork on its blade. 😍

Despite not having any unique VFX, it has a neat pull-out animation that’s distinct from the traditional tactical knives.

At a base price of 3,550 VP, look out for this and the Team Ace Operator in your night market rolls to show everyone your dedication to being a Jett main.

5. Ion Sherrif

Are you looking to one-tap your opponents who fully bought in your eco round in style? If so, the Ion Sherrif skin might be just the right fit for you.

Featuring a sleek futuristic look, the Ion Sherrif features blue neon lights for its VFX as well as a unique energy-weapon-feeling reload animation, and an explosive kill animation. 💥

With a base price of 1,775 VP, this Sherrif skin would be a great fit for any science-fiction fan.

4. Prime Vandal

The Prime collection is a collection that Valorant players who have played the game since its Beta would likely have fond memories of.

Being one of the first Premium Edition collections to be released, the Prime weapon skins have this nostalgic feel to them.

They’re definitely not carried by nostalgia though, as their unique animations, VFX, and 4 different variants still hold up to this day.

For the Prime Vandal in particular, there’s a running joke in the community where this skin helps you one-tap your opponents more accurately! 🎯

So with a base price of 1,775 VP, feel free to find out if the hidden “buff” to your aim when you use the Prime Vandal is true or not.

3. Oni Phantom

With stylish Japanese aesthetics, great animations, and one of the best finishers, the Oni Phantom is perhaps one of the best Premium Edition Phantom skins. 

If that’s not enough, it even has 4 variants including the default one to choose from, and all of them have equally astonishing designs. 🤩

At a base price of 1,775 VP, one of the most desired Phantom skins can be yours this Night Market!

2. Reaver Vandal

Yet another classic, the Reaver Vandal is regarded by many Valorant players, both new and old, as one of the best Vandal skins. ✨

It’s no surprise that many people rate it above Exclusive or Ultra Edition skins, as the animations, VFX, finisher, 4 different variants, and just its overall look, warrant it to be one of the community’s all-time favourites. 

With just a base price of 1,775 combined with the possibility of up to a 49% discount with the night market, this would be an absolute steal for anyone who buys the Vandal every gun round!

1. Recon Balisong

If you’re obsessed with the Butterfly Knife in Counter-Strike or love cool animations in general, the Recon Balisong might be the perfect choice of a knife skin for you.

Known for its pull-out and inspect animations that will catch the eyes of your dead teammates spectating and probably your own 😎, the Recon Balisong is part of the tactical-looking Premium Edition Recon Collection.

The eye-catching animation is not all though, as it even comes with 4 different variants, featuring different camo colours. 

At a base price of 3,550 VP, be sure to keep an eye out for this knife skin in the upcoming Night Market.

So that’s our 10 picks of weapon skins that can pop out in the April 2024 Night Market. Hope you’ll get what you want this time in your 6 rolls! 🍀

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