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Rank Up To Diamond In Valorant With These 5 Tips

Rank Up To Diamond In Valorant With These 5 Tips
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Are you tired of being hard-stuck at a certain rank in Valorant? 

Do you want to get a more prestigious Act Rank Badge this season? 

Perhaps you want a shinier gun buddy that you can show off to your friends and even enemies when they pick up your Vandal? 🤩

Is Diamond a rank you’d like to reach or do you wanna climb even higher?

Fret not, for today we will go through 5 tips and tricks that will hopefully set you on the right track in stacking your Act Rank Pyramid better this season as you rank more and more.

5. Mic, Pings, Text – Use Them All! 🎤

Oh no, you just got one tapped 🔫 by an enemy! Don’t just keep quiet… 

The round’s not over just yet! Instead of throwing your mouse and waiting for the round to end, you can still help your teammates!

Valorant has given its players so many choices to communicate with their teammates, so use them!

  • Voice Communication – The Most Effective One 🎧

Of course, the best form of communication would be to use your in-game voice chat through your mic.

Most modern gaming headphones nowadays, which most Valorant players use, come with a built-in microphone that players can use to access the voice chat in-game.

This is, of course, the most ideal form of communication in Valorant. Being a fast-paced game, your teammates can simply use their ears to hear your info instead of diverting their attention to the minimap or kill feed to figure out what is happening in the map.

However, let’s say your microphone is broken, or you have other issues preventing you from using your mic, there are still ways to communicate!

  • Ping System – Quick And Effective, Anyone Can Use! 🚩

In Valorant, the ping system lets you point on a map, either in first-person or in minimap view, where any event is ongoing as well as quick radio messages on common actions.

Spotted an enemy that just retreated? Ping the map on their last-seen location.

Hear a lot of footsteps from a particular location? Ping it with the “Caution” radio!

You’re playing at B but you see all 5 people at A site? Let your teammates know that you’re rotating with the “Rotating” radio!

  • Text Chat – Less Effective, But Better Than Nothing! 📱

Finally, there is the text chat option. While this is mostly regarded as the least effective communication option in Valorant, it’s still better than nothing.

While your teammates may be too focused on looking out for enemies, by providing crucial info, at least there is still a chance of your teammates seeing your message and acting upon it.

By calling out where the enemy is when you spot them as you jiggle peek a corner, you help your teammates decide on where to position themselves.

By telling your teammates how many enemies are rushing the site you’re defending, you let your teammates on the other side of the map know when they need to rotate.

And by telling your teammates where you died from immediately after dying, you let your team have a chance to re-frag and deny your opponents a man advantage.

There surely is a lot more info that you’ll need to share with your teammates, but if you ever feel uncertain, don’t be afraid of speaking up, as you never know when your info may be vital.

Even a simple callout as telling your teammates where the enemy Operator user is may save your teammates from dying due to peeking an Operator. 🔫

4. Know Your Enemy, Know Yourself – Know What Each Agent Does

Valorant is considered a “Hero Shooter”, as it is an FPS game which has multiple characters and each one has unique abilities to achieve an objective. 🦸

This means that, unlike games such as Counter-Strike where anyone can throw a flashbang or a smoke grenade, only certain agents in Valorant can provide such utility.

In Valorant, agents are classified under 4 roles – The master of entry frags, the Duelist; the flank-watching specialist, the Sentinel; the entry enabler, the Initiator; and the ones who set the pace of the game, the Controller.

As each agent has their own role, so when deciding on who to play, you’ll need to have a good understanding of what they do.

Guide on Raze Satchel Charge Boost by Skillcapped

If you’re playing Raze, the Duelist, you might want to learn from the experts on how to perform the satchel boost to surprise and get a quick 2K.

As a Sova player, you should know when to use your recon dart as it’s a powerful tool that can reveal your enemies’ location before your duelist goes in for the kill.

The more games you play, the more likely you are to lean towards a certain agent, thus maining them and when you do so, try your best to know all there is about that agent.

After individually mastering an agent, try to learn the synergies with your teammates’ agents as well as countering opponents’ agents with your agent’s abilities.

As Sun Tzu wrote in The Art of War, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” ✨

3. Where Did He Come From!? Did I Just Die To That!?

Source: VALORANT Map Pool Changes: January 2023 (

Did you just get wall-banged by an enemy spamming an Odin when you tried to rush the B site on Ascent? 💀

Or perhaps you placed your Cypher tripwire at the wrong location, allowing your enemy to flank your entire team before you can execute into a site?

This is why map awareness is a very important thing to have if you want to rank up.

In Valorant, there are many maps and each one of them may have some gimmicks or important routes that you’ll need to know.

Take the map Bind for instance. You’ll immediately notice when you see the map that there are 2 teleporters on this map.

Knowing where these teleporters lead you and when to use them can be a game-changer as it enables quick rotates or escapes when things get too hot.

So if you’re unfamiliar with a map, try to understand their layouts first, then you can move on to the finer details such as which walls are wall bangable or where to put your traps and smokes to slow down or deny your opponents from entering a site. ⛔

2. Click On Your Enemies’ Heads Better 🎯

At its core, Valorant is still an FPS game, which means decent aim is something no Valorant player can escape from.

Sure, good positioning and usage of abilities, will certainly give you an advantage. However, there will be cases where you’re the last player standing, you’ve run out of abilities, and an opponent is right in front of you in an open area.

That is where raw aim will be the only thing that can save you.

So how do we train that aim? Fortunately, Valorant provides an aim practice map, which all players can access.

Here, there will be a shooting range where there will be dummy bots that you’ll be able to use as target practice.

You can change the settings, making the bots move around or have more armour, but your focus will be all the same – clicking on their heads.

There are also external aim training software such as Aimlabs, KovaaK’s, and.. OSU? 🤔 However, in general, for warming up and simple practising, Valorant’s range should be enough.

Once you’re more comfortable with your aim, there are more things for you to practise to complement your aim, such as counter-strafing and recoil control.

Being an FPS game, mechanical skill will always help you rank up in Valorant, so oil yours well!

1. Compose Yourself, Never Tilt!

Last but not least, it’s all about you and your teammates’ heads!

Does your toxic enemy Reyna player just keep spamming “ez” or hurling insults and slurs? Just mute them, perhaps report them, and continue with your game. ☢️

Is your top fragging duelist starting to call you or your teammates at the bottom of the scoreboard bad?

While this may be a difficult situation, try to feed their ego by ignoring what they’ve said and instead, hype them up, praising them for their skills in the game while you continue to try your best to catch up.

It may not always work, but sometimes it can make them do a 180 and play even better, especially if you continue to support them instead of also tilting.

Valorant is a game that requires concentration and calmness as you’ll have to make quick decisions frequently. So ignore the enemy’s taunts, get your team to have the right mindset, and just focus on winning.

You’ll have plenty of time to write “GG EZ” in return after you’ve won against any toxic player.

However, if you’re opponents are respectable and give you a good and fun game, don’t forget to show some sportsmanship and type out “/all GG”. 💪

At the end of the day, when you’re having fun, you’ll have the motivation to keep playing and improving. Once you’ve reached this point, the gun buddy of the Valorant rank you desire will come in no time, be it Diamond, Immortal, or who knows, Radiant? 😉

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