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Veteran Carousell Singapore Seller Spills the Beans (Cheap Goods)

Carousell Singapore
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I am a Carousell seller ever since Carousell Singapore began and had quit after reading the original article: Carousell Online isn’t for everyone, maybe even you? But that’s not the main point of my sharing today. After earning a substantial amount of pocket money from Carousell Singapore all these years, I would like to give back to the community and give away the game altogether. From this article, I will tell you the top 3 online sources I used to get a broad range of goods (No Ed Sheeran tickets though) at their lowest costs possible, in which you can use to save a lot more than buying on Carousell or even open a mini-shop yourself there. Let’s begin.

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Carousell Singapore Source #1: Ezbuy

ezbuy Logo
I am not here to tell you how awesome Ezbuy is and why you should try this and that. I will leave that to the Instagram influencers. If you’ve done your research before reading this comprehensive guide, you should have already known that Ezbuy is the #34 most visited website in Singapore.
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Range of Goods: Anything China from Furniture to Snorlax Toys and Figurines

If you are just looking to buy cheap stuff for yourself, make sure you always wait for promotions such as 1-time Prime Vouchers and Free Shipping and Agent Fee Days. Never buy from Ezbuy on any other day since agent and shipping fees can be costly when checking out. Personally, I tend to stock up a lot on Black Fridays, Taobao 11.11 and 12.12. On the other hand, if you are the type who simply can’t wait or is sure to frequently buy from them, go for their monthly subscription premium membership. The amount of potential savings will outweigh the S$9.90 per month, or S$89 per year if you wait for their annual membership promotional offers.

Another tip is to save is to log in and collect your daily bonus under the eCoins section of the app. eCoins is used as a special currency for lucky draws and redeeming vouchers. I have saved up a few thousand of these myself in the case of a big event.


Lastly, only buy goods that are labelled “Prime”. It is quite self-explanatory why you do that, but tonnes of people commit the crime of purchasing buy-for-me/ezbuy tagged goods only to be shocked at the additional miscellaneous costs. For more tips to save, I am sure you can Google it up as there are tonnes of influencers promoting Ezbuy nowadays.

Carousell Singapore Source #2: Amazon

Amazon Shopping in Kenya

Not many Singaporeans buy on Amazon, mainly due to the fact that you have to purchase 125 USD of goods to qualify for free international shipping. But the thing is, you can save heaps of cash if you do it smartly on Amazon as compared to purchasing the same exact item off a shopping mall or even from a Carousell seller like me.

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Range of Goods: Video games/Blu-rays, Electronics, DC/Marvel Figurines, Office Supplies (Saves up to 90% compared to buying from Popular)

Make a joint account with your loved ones or friends and buying 125 USD won’t seem so expensive or hard anymore. Items on Amazon tend to fluctuate a lot in prices, so it is vital that you keep a close watch on the items you are interested in (Add them to your watchlists). You can also use price trackers like this one.

Lightning Deals

Do keep a look out for their daily deals too under the “Today’s Deals” section as there are unbelievable prices on products from time to time. For example, I managed to purchase 36 Fifa 17/Battlefield One Xbox One/PS4  Discs at only 25 USD (S$37.50~) each during last year’s Black Friday. It was sold at 70-90 SGD at that time.

Carousell Singapore Source #3 – 5: G2A, Kinguin, Gameflip

Gameflip G2A Kinguin

Ever wondered how Carousell sellers have a virtually limitless supply of digital keys and games? Well good news for all gamers, these are the top 3 websites to visit. You can now say goodbye to the Carousell Seller you deal with on a regular basis for digital stuff.

Non-Affiliate Links to the sites:




Range of Goods: PC/Xbox One/PS4 Game Keys, Xbox Live Gold/PSN Digital Codes, CS GO Skins, etc.

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For G2A, never sign up for their premium membership called “G2A Shield”. It is not worth it as the quality of customer support and protection is the same for all users and cashback isn’t anywhere near 10% as advertised. Do not be greedy and try the one-month trial membership. Your credit card will be automatically charged, and it is extremely tricky to cancel the subscription. Joining the platform as an ordinary member would do, especially if you are there only to purchase a few cheap and old games. Personally, I come to G2A for Xbox Live Gold Cards and gift cards as they are insanely cheap here.

cancel G2A shield

For Kinguin, it functions almost the same way as G2A. However, prices on most games and keys are generally higher than G2A and currency cannot be set to SGD for some strange reasons. Use Kinguin only if you can’t find the game on G2A or need to compare prices.

Last but not least, Gameflip is a place where many U.S. gamers list their unwanted digital game keys. You can expect many new and rare games which you can’t find it on the previous two platforms. Do take note that since games are sold by individual sellers, stocks are limited. You would have to keep a close watch on the listings for the best deals there.

*Do note that prices on the digital marketplaces will fluctuate a lot. Never buy on impulse or without doing research.

In case you do not know what the differences between digital games and physical games are, you can read this short guide here.

I hope that my sharing and experience as a seller on the Carousell Singapore app is useful. Please share and tag your friends to spread the word around!


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