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Watch Dogs 2 Review

Watch Dogs 2
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Watch Dogs 2 initial sales were low. Is it really worth it considering the price drop? That’s why I am here for. Do Like Us on Facebook to keep us motivated.

*Contains Spoilers


Story of this game is very weak. It is filled with loopholes and can be comical/cringy at times. Watch Dogs 2 looked like it was made as a parody for all the conspiracy warriors out there. It is also important to note that the storyline was so short that it turned many people off.

Turn off

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Since the usual flow of the game is to go into a place, hack something and get out, we would pretty much assume that this game is the kind filled with boring and repetitive gameplay. Maybe not! There are lots of upgrades to change your approach and how you deal with situations in the game.


You can be a stealthy hacker or choose to go on a rampage and shoot’em all. The maps for each mission is unique to its own and guarantees to give players a different experience every time.

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Gameplay 2

Gameplay 3

Open World

I personally enjoy Open World concept-based games a lot. In Watch Dogs 2, there are many types of cars and I have to admit some are unique and special in design. You can also find all sorts of interesting things using the in-game feature ScoutX.

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Bay Area is a very beautiful place to explore. Fast travel option is available just like all Open World games so do utilize that function whenever you are feeling lazy. The side events in my opinion are pretty boring, specifically the races. Collectables are also littered all over just to lengthen gameplay hours. Well, no one has the time for those.


Driving and Losing Wanted Levels

The driving mechanics are alright. Different vehicle types are tuned differently to make it realistic just like GTA V. Escaping from gang members and police are so easy once you familiarise yourself with the area. Training your driving skills and abilities will be a plus and definitely helps.


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The Best Moment (SPOILERS)

You control a spider tank in one of the last few missions and damn! It was fun!

Spider 1

Spider 2

So the big question. Should you get it?

Get it if you like strategising and in for some silly fun. 40 hours is the max an average gamer will spend on this game. For any other reasons, just don’t get it.

I strongly suggest waiting for another sale to be really worth your money.

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