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Why does WinRAR Never Expire (Infinite 40-Day Trial Last Forever)

WINRAR Infinite 40 day Trial Period Never Expires
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We all have that software on our computers: WinRAR. That one software where the trial never seems to end and only manages to pop up dialog boxes and annoy users to buy a license. What is the deal with it? Why are we able to use it even after the trial period has expired? Truth be told, this trial is actually a marketing strategy from the company.

Is Using WinRAR After the Trial has Ended Illegal?

In short, no.

Russian Developer who created WinRAR and the RAR format

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In fact, the company has allowed it since 1993. Revealed in an interview with CEO Burak Canboy regarding the prevalent issue of online piracy, the company certainly knows that many users continue to use their software for free even after the trial period has ended. Even though WinRAR is packaged as a try before you buy software, it seems that most of us believe it to be freeware instead. Nevertheless, using it after the trial has expired is absolutely cool with them and we may even be bold enough to say – encouraged. 

Burak Canboy explained that online piracy has always been hurting software developers since the dawn of computers. This problem, on the other hand, has not hurt as much for them since they already have a very liberal way of preventing their users from switching to pirated and potentially dangerous alternatives, i.e., using WinRAR for free after the trial has ended.

One Strategy to Rule Them All

WinRar Logo

Image Source: softexia

Using begware, annoyware or nagware as a core business strategy for WinRAR, the company has definitely killed 2 birds with 1 stone. It has not only battle online piracy more effectively than other software companies but also remained at the top of the most commonly used software for PC.

How Does WinRAR Make Money Then?

Ads. And Companies.

The software may appear to us regular users to have full functionality. However, it does restrict some features that are only available to license holders. Referring to section 8 (subject to changes) of their terms and condition page, the “Add authenticity information”, “Show protocol file” and “Delete protocol file” functions will not be available during the infinite trial period. This means the companies that want to use it for legal business related matters must purchase the license or risk their company reputation as a whole. Hence, most of the companies will follow the rules and purchase the license for their employees’ use.

RAR is also available on Android. We can safely say that ad revenue can be generated from the app as well. Strange enough, the dialog box does not pop up on this version of RAR.

If You Didn’t Buy A License, Don’t Sweat It.

It’s a known fact that the developers could effortlessly prevent us from using the software after the trial period, but chose not to. Be thankful that they are humble people who just want to share the software with the World. You can still contribute to the RAR community by giving them a positive review and rating here!

To end it all off, we shall embed some YouTube comments to ease off the guilt of using someone’s hard work for free (You can always choose to buy the software):

Ferdy Hoshigaki Tube

if you buy winrar, you just passed 1 out of 7 deed to go to heaven.


dudes, that buy winrar are the same people who donate 3 dollars to Wikipedia.

Door-to-Door Hentai Salesman

Plot Twist #1:
EA buys Winrar – Winrar will have microtransactions.

Plot Twist #2:
Google buys Winrar – Winrar will require access to your personal data and information.

Plot Twist #3:
Apple buys Winrar – Winrar will be exclusive to Apple products only for $199 and next year Winrar 2S will be release.

Plot Twist #3:
Microsoft buys Winrar – then sells it because it failed to go mainstream.

Plot Twist #4:
Activision Blizzard buys Winrar – A special edition of Winrar for mobile will be introduced, consumers are not too pleased and later they will say “Don’t you guys have phones?”


Watch: WinRAR And The Infinite 40-Day Trial by CHM Tech



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