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10 Tips and Tricks for Newbies Venturing into Pokémon Card Investing

10 Tips and Tricks for Newbies Venturing into Pokémon Card Investing
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Are you ready to dive into the epic world of Pokémon card collecting and investing? 

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your Poké journey, these 10 tips and tricks are here to make your Pokémon investing adventure fire AF and maybe even outperform the S&P index.

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Box Art Does Affect Price?

The artwork on a Pokémon card box can significantly impact its value. 

For instance, the Celestial Storm Elite Trainer Box features the old but beloved Rayquaza. 

Despite not being the highest-tier set, in terms of pulls, its strong box art and fan-favorite Pokémon makes it a valuable addition to anyone’s collection.

Top Newbie Mistake: Rushing to Buy Singles

When diving into Pokémon card investments, forget the whole early bird cliché. 

Nobody cares if you’re the first to buy; it’s more about being fashionably late with a strategy up your sleeve!

Avoid buying singles immediately upon a set’s release. 

Prices usually take a dip as cards flood the market, allowing you to snag your desired singles at a more affordable price.

That way, you save money while making money! Trust me, your wallet would thank you.

PSA 10 Charizard EX Special Art Rare

The Spike in Card Grading: Everybody wants a PSA 10…

Ever since the huge surge in card grading volume, particularly after COVID-19, the PSA population has soared through the roof. 

This influx of graded cards may diminish the significance of modern singles’ PSA 10 grades compared to vintage cards, as the multiplier effect from raw to PSA 10 is not as substantial as it once was. 

Vintage cards still hold strong in this regard, but modern singles may not see the same dramatic price jumps as before.

Consider Pull Rates for Investments

Not all sets are created equal when it comes to pull rates. Some modern sets have easier pull rates for chase cards, which can impact their long-term value. 

It all depends on the chase cards, if a particular chase card is super popular, the value of the card will skyrocket. Hence lower pull rates of the set will cause the value of the set to increase.

So be mindful of these rates and the sets chase card price when assessing a set’s investment potential.

Pokémon is printing cards out the wazoo!

Source: The Pokemon company

Pokémon card printers are working at full capacity, churning out cards like deforestation isn’t an issue. This massive increase in production has flooded the market with more cards than ever before.

So be aware of the increased card production affecting market saturation.

More people are holding sealed products

There’s been a growing trend of collectors and investors holding onto sealed products, anticipating future value to increase as well. Consider this factor when strategizing your own investment approach.

Stop Gambling You Addict!😡

While opening booster boxes can be exciting and it feels good to scratch that Gacha itch, it’s really rare to make back your investment solely from pulls. 

Understand that the true value often lies in the sealed box itself, and that opening them would simply be like flushing money down the drain!

Booster boxes or Main set Elite Trainer boxes: Does it matter which?

While many veteran Pokémon card investors often argue that Main set Elite Trainer Boxes (ETBs) are worth investing in.

The truth is Main set ETBs may not hold the same investment value when compared past Main set ETBs due to Pokemon printing mad amounts of cards and high supply. 

Usually the only Main set ETBs that are worth investing in are the older Main set ETBs.

Which is impossible unless you have a time machine🥸

Focus on booster boxes instead as they have higher potential long-term gains.


The top 10 hit prices within a set often correlate directly with the booster box price. Investing in sets with strong top-tier cards can lead to better overall box performance.

One collector’s meh is another collector’s woohoo! 

Identifying undervalued sets can be a lucrative but speculative strategy. 

While people may not appreciate the set now, who’s to say they won’t in the future? 

The “Shining Charizard” card from 2002’s Neo Destiny set was a bit of an underdog back then, with its shiny design not getting as much love as it should have. 

In the past you could snag it for a mere $50 to $100. But fast forward to today, and it’s the belle of the ball, commanding prices over $1,000!

Who knew this foil would turn out to be a hidden gem? 

Sets like Fusion Strike, with attractive chase cards and potential for future growth, may present excellent investment opportunities.

UPDATE: As of March 2024, Fusion Strike did start to rocket in price. 

So keep your eyes out for some hidden treasure!

Start small, no one’s asking you to get a loan with your house😭

You don’t need a massive budget to begin your Pokémon card investment journey. 

From three-pack blisters to singles, there are options for every collector, regardless of their financial capacity. 

In the vibrant world of Pokémon card investing, these 10 tips would surely aid and guide  you on your pokemon card investing journey.

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