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Send Bulk Emails Efficiently At Jaw-Dropping Prices: Sendy

Send Bulk Emails Efficiently At Jaw Dropping Prices: Sendy
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Always sending bulk emails to boost your business, sell goods, and develop relationships?

Are you forced to pay costly monthly subscription fees just to keep sending bulk emails?

“But what choice do I have? There’s no other service out there that’s better.”

Introducing Sendy! 

Sendy is a self-hosted email newsletter application that lets you send bulk emails via Amazon Simple Email Service. (SES)

You host it on your own web hosting server instead of Sendy’s, so you don’t have to pay them monthly fees.

Interested in using Sendy’s bulk email services now? Just click on our affiliated link right here!

Sendy Bulk Email Pricing Vs Other Companies

Unlike their competitors such as Brevo and Mailchimp, Sendy believes that success should be rewarded, not penalised.

With other bulk email services like Brevo and Mailchimp, the bigger your subscriber base becomes, the higher your monthly fees. 

The more you grow, the more you pay, that’s just borderline discouraging and it never ends.

Brevo’s pricing for sending 20,000 emails per month

Brevo’s pricing for sending 100,000 emails per month

Mailchimp’s pricing for sending 25,000 emails per month, 30,000 emails per month and 150,000 emails per month

With Sendy, you no longer pay increasingly expensive monthly fees.

Sendy’s Pricing for sending 10,000 emails per month

Pay only when you send at the incredibly low rate of $1 per 10,000 emails. Sendy only requires a one-time payment of S$69 and you will always have access to Sendy’s software!

Sendy not only sends your emails quickly via Amazon SES, but you also enjoy high deliverability rates. 

No longer will you be held hostage by increasing monthly fees as your subscriber base flourishes.

The Many Features You Can Access With Sendy

Sendy does not only send bulk emails out to your subscribers but they also offer you many features and tools to help you better optimise your marketing strategies.

Beautiful and Well-organised Reports

Source: Sendy

Dive deep into the heart of your email campaigns with Sendy’s beautifully formatted reports. 

Witness the results of every campaign and autoresponder journey, meticulously laid out for your understanding.

Visualise key metrics such as opens, clicks, bounces, complaints and countries with charts & data, and even the geographic spread of your audience, all elegantly presented through intuitive charts and comprehensive data breakdowns.

Segmentation Made Simple

You can even export segments of subscribers from your report for re-targeting.🤯

Research has shown that targeted emails can significantly boost engagement and revenue. 

Effortlessly create customised segments based on your subscribers’ behaviour and preferences with Sendy’s robust segmentation tools.

Whether it’s tailoring messages for specific demographics or optimising content for different lists, Sendy empowers you to maximise the impact of your email campaigns.

Source: Sendy

Empowering You With The White Labelled Accounts

Managing multiple products or services? 

Sendy’s white-labelled client accounts offer a seamless solution for organising your offerings into distinct ‘brands’. 

Granting clients access to their own branded interface, complete with the ability to send newsletters independently at a price point of your choosing. 

You take control of monthly sending limits and customisable client privileges, all within the secure framework of Amazon Web Services.

Automate Your Marketing with Autoresponders 🤖

With Sendy’s automated drip campaigns, elevating your marketing strategy will be a piece of cake.

Sendy’s automated drip campaigns let you craft a series of targeted emails to engage subscribers at precisely timed intervals, keeping your audience engaged and your brand top-of-mind.🤔

Whether it’s nurturing leads through a sales funnel or sending out annual updates, Sendy’s autoresponders let you stay connected with your audience effortlessly.

Integrating With Third-Party Apps With Ease

Sendy can seamlessly integrate with many popular applications, from WordPress to Magento and beyond. 

Thanks to third-party developers and Zapier integration, you can streamline your workflow and unlock endless possibilities for automation. 

Connecting Sendy with thousands of apps in Zapier’s directory, putting the power of seamless integration at your fingertips.

Getting Started: Setting Up Sendy

Installing Sendy is a pretty simple process. 

All you have to do is upload the files, create a database, and set a few settings and the rest is a matter of clicking around your Amazon Web Services console. 

Here is the comprehensive guide on how to set up Sendy

If you require installation service, Sendy does provide it for only $79, simply purchase Sendy with an installation option selected or reply to the license email sent to you after purchase.

Sendy not only helps you send bulk emails but makes marketing much easier for you with its many tools and features.

Compared to its competitors Sendy’s added features and prices are surely hard to beat!

Convinced that Sendy’s bulk email services are right for you? Click on our affiliate link right here and let the troubles of bulk email services melt away!

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