111 Chinese Songs We All Love To Listen To (Karaoke/KTV List)

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Sing these Chinese songs during karaoke or KTV! We have included songs from the 90s & 2000s which will surely make you feel nostalgic.

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Another week, another list… We feel like we are becoming a listing website instead of Guidesify. This week, we are going to unleash your inner China by naming the Chinese songs we all love. Or we have definitely heard before.

Even before we start listing, we know some artists (hint hint Jay Chou) will appear a lot. Maybe we are just biased fanboys.

Or maybe they are just more well-loved by the radios and TVs that we keep hearing these songs.

Now enough of us dragging on, let’s start! The ultimate list of Chinese Songs! You could recommend more Chinese songs to this list via our Facebook Page so that everyone(including us) can use it for their Karaoke/KTV sessions.

And if you love Chinese Movies, we have done a short review here! (Chinese Movies 90s Kids Grew Up and Fell in Love With)

Remember to Bookmark this Chinese Songs List for Future Reference (Karaoke or KTV).


1. 不想长大

2. 天灰

3. Superstar 

4. 波斯貓

杨丞琳 – Rainie Yang

5. 曖昧 

6. 帶我走

7. 我们都傻

8. 想幸福的人

光良 – Michael Wong

9. 约定 

10. 第一次

11. 童话

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田馥甄 – Hebe

12. 还是要幸福

13. 小幸运

14. 寂寞寂寞就好

周杰倫 Jay Chou

15. 黑色幽默 


17. 借口

18. 牛仔很忙

19. 蒲公英的约定 

20. 的電影

21. 给我一首歌的时间

22. 明明就

23. 算什么男人 

24. 不该

We cut down a lot to limit ourselves to 10 of his songs

王力宏- Wang Leehom 

25. 依然愛你 

26. Forever Love

27. 心跳

28. 唯一

29. Kiss Goodbye

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林俊杰 – JJ Lin

30. 修炼爱情

31. 曹操

32. 一千年以後

33. 第几个100天

34. 背对背拥抱

35. 她说

36. 学不会

37. 记得

38. 当你

39. 可惜没如果

Again limiting ourselves to 10.

周兴哲 – Eric Chou

40. 你,好不好?

41. 以后别做朋友

五月天  – Mayday

42. 恋爱ING

43. 后来的我们

44. 派对动物

45. 突然好想你

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王心凌 – Cindy Wang 

46. 爱你 

47. 月光

48. Honey

梁静茹 – Fish Leong

49. 分手快乐 

50. 可惜不是你

51. 会呼吸的痛

52. 勇气


53. 忘记拥抱

54. 给我一个理由忘记

55. 好朋友的祝福

蔡依林 – Jolin Tsai

56. 柠檬草的味道

57. 倒带

58. 爱情三十六计

59. 看我七十二变

60. 说爱你

61. 天空

曹格 – Gary Chaw

62. 背叛

63. 寂寞先生

64. Superwoman


65. 我们的爱 

66. Fly Away

李圣杰 – Sam Lee

67. 手放开

68. 痴心绝对

69. 很想说

70. 眼底星空

萧亚轩 – Elva Hsiao

71. 爱的主打歌

72. 最熟悉的陌生人

张惠妹 – A-Mei

73. 听海 

74 . 我要快乐?

75. 勇敢


77. 哭不出來

78. 如果你也听说

孙燕姿 – Stephanie Sun

79. 我怀念的

80. 遇见

81. 开始懂了

82. 我不难过

83. 第一天

84. 雨天

85. 我的爱

欧得洋 – Ocean Ou

86. 上弦月

87. 孤单北半球

88. 六色彩虹

邓紫棋 -G.E.M

89. 再见

90. 泡沫

91. 多远都要在一起

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 92. 珊瑚海 – 周杰伦 & 梁心颐

 93. 屋顶 – 吴宗宪 & 温岚

94. 你最珍贵 – 张学友 & 高慧君 

95. 被风吹过的夏天 – 林俊杰 & 金莎

96. 期待爱 – 林俊杰 期待爱& 金莎 

97. 明明很爱妳 – 品冠 & 梁静茹 

98. 今天你要嫁给我 – 陶喆 & 蔡依林

99. 梁山伯与茱丽叶 – 卓文萱 & 曹格

100. 小夫妻 – 欧得洋 & 蔡淳佳 

101. 手心的蔷薇 – 林俊杰  & G.E.M

The Rest

102. 流星雨 – F4

103. 爱爱爱 – 方大同

104. 老鼠爱大米 – Twins

105. 小薇 -黄品源 

106. 那些年 – 胡夏

107. 我的歌声里 – 曲婉婷

108. 朋友 – 周华健 

109. 当你孤单你会想起谁 – 张栋梁

110. 后来 – 刘若英

111. 黄昏 – 周传雄

No doubt there are a lot of Chinese love songs which we all like (drop a lot of songs from our list). Whatever the mood or occasion is, there will always be that one Chinese song for you!

UPDATE: Response was overwhelming! Thank you for all your support! Part 2 is RELEASED to further enhance your karaoke and KTV experience. Follow our page now for more updates!

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