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Adult Sites Made it to Singapore’s Top 50 Most Visited Sites

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Yep, you heard it right. It is so easy for us to use the Internet in this day and age, be it on your mobile phones or the computer in the living room. Due to the increased accessibility of the Internet in Singapore, the amount of web traffic to Adult sites is unquestionably alarming. Take a look at Similarweb rankings of Singapore’s top 50 most visited sites, and you will notice something unusual. 4 Adult sites or rather, p*rn sites, have made it to the list of websites alongside giants like Google, Facebook, and Yahoo. If you didn’t know by now, 30 percent of the Internet is flooded with adult content.

We have censored some words as they go against the Google’s webmaster guidelines. But you should be fine. It’s not that hard to guess which word is which.

Open Secret: Apparently, some Singaporeans do already know how to bypass censorship quickly with a method which we might share with you (Revealed in the last part of this post). Psst.. It’s not VPNs or proxies, just a simple trick. Share and like, so we know how badly you want it!

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Here are the 4 Adult sites/P*rn sites which made it to the list currently:


• X*xx (18)

• Tumblr (19) (2nd most popular use for Tumblr is adult content)

• X*ideos (21)

• Xh*mster (23)

• P*rnhub (33)

As some of you might know (How would you know actually?), some of these sites are blocked by Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA). 

further analysis of these statistics is done at the end of this article.

Top 5 Keywords Searched (Other than adult sites): Singaporean P*rn, Singapore JC Girl Bl*wjob, Singaporean P*rn Tumblr, Singapore P*rn, Singapore P*rn Sites

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P*rn certainly does not rely on Social Media platforms as a means for a source of traffic, unlike regular websites. To substantiate this statement, P*rnHub had recently caused worldwide panic and terrified all its users just this April Fool. The leading p*rn site accomplished the biggest prank by tricking its users into thinking that they had enabled automatic video sharing on all their social accounts. Claiming the new feature to be “revolutionary,” users were outwitted but were quickly reassured by P*rnHub that their browsing will always be safe and secured by encryption and HTTPS protocols. Well played P*rnHub.

prnhub adult sites

So how did they do it?

Again, using P*rnHub in our analysis considering it has attained a global rank of #21, we shall do a breakdown of its traffic sources.

By order of traffic volume:

Direct (39.49%) – Can be further categorised into direct hits and dark social traffic. This group of traffic usually consists of recurring and loyal visitors. Addiction could be one of the cliche but essential ingredients in producing so much web traffic to adult and p*rn sites.

Search (32.97%) – Be it being lazy to type the full URL into the address bar or a sudden memory loss, search traffic is undeniably the primary source of traffic for any website, even for P*rnHub. However, what is even more alarming is that search traffic also consists of visitors who are newly exposed to p*rnography, or do not know P*rnHub at all before searching it. Out of  15,161 organic search terms, “P*rn” is 2nd on the list with a whopping 9% of total search traffic. As mentioned earlier, users search for other keywords such as Singaporean P*rn, Singapore JC Girl Bl*wjob, Singaporean P*rn Tumblr, Singapore P*rn, Singapore P*rn Sites as well.

Links (23.05%) – Traffic which was referred from other websites, mainly other p*rn/adult websites and directories. 

Social (3.54%) – Not a surprising figure. However, the leading social platform for P*rnHub is Reddit, not Facebook (3rd on the list).

Ads (0.72%) – A small but essential source of traffic. This is a tactic to lure new and unsuspecting visitors to P*rn.

Mail (0.24%) – Last but definitely not the least, newsletters have been an effective promotional strategy for many sites since the good old days. However, what we don’t get is the content of these newsletters.

Fun Fact: Female visitors has been on the rise, at least for Europe and the United States. The female share of traffic usually varies from 20-30%, depending on the country.

Bonus – Simple Bypass Trick 

Top visited sites for pirated content in Singapore:

It is also observed that there is a strong positive correlation between adult sites and pirated content. As seen in the competitors and similar sites section of these detailed site reports, pirated content sites are repeatedly listed at the top of the rankings.

• Mangafox (29)

• (20)

• Kissanime (46)

• Baidu (22)?? Wait, do people still use Baidu to download free music? Or is it just Wikipedia for the Chinese residing here? 

• (49) As a result, Singapore is ranked #9 concerning online piracy in 2016.

*Rankings are listed at the point of this posting. Therefore, they are unmistakably going to fluctuate from time to time.

Most of all, even The Straits Times, ranked 28, couldn’t compete with the traffic to Adults sites. You can check out the rest of the rankings on Similarweb. Is the censorship in Singapore now obsolete? Will the government step up and tighten its grip on these websites? Share and expose your friends! Remember to follow us on Facebook!

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IMDA’s Introduction Video:

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