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4 Important Features of GST Filing Software

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GST (Goods and Service Tax) is a comprehensive indirect taxation system wherein the compliances of each party in the supply chain are interlinked and at the same time need one to file numerous forms. GST compliance requires reporting of invoices, which could be multiple, reconciliation of invoices for enlarging ITC Claim, and various other things that taxpayers need to look after. For big and mid-size businesses, there are hundreds and even thousands of invoices that are produced every month.

Such complexities make it difficult for accountants as well as taxpayers to be fully compliant. Thus, to avoid such delays, stakeholders can use GST Filing Software

What is GST Filing Software?

GST Return Software is a system that allows taxpayers to manage their GST compliance.  A secure and comprehensive GST Return Software is necessary to ease the course not just for filing the return but also for acquiring data, reconciling, and ITC claim. 

Its implementation has opened up opportunities for the use of technology. This can further streamline the process for all the tasks involved in the GST compliances.

How does a GST Filing Software help?

A good GST Return Filing Software enables the taxpayers, accountants, and business owners to effortlessly create GST ready invoices, file GST returns, generate GST reports, and manage their accounting data seamlessly. The complex nature of the filing process makes it a difficult and time-consuming job for the tax consultants. The software can thus be used to lessen the burden that these business owners have to face by simplifying the work and reducing the time and effort that goes into the entire process

Features of GST Softwares


We are all aware that in today’s digital world, security is one of the most critical guarantees.  After all, customer and vendor information is extremely important. There can be cases where the information is misused leading to a major impact in terms of loss of money, time, effort, and valuable information. Having a secure software will protect confidential information and avoid any sort of compromise that may pose a threat to your business.

Furthermore, the GST Return Software must be equipped with the highest standard of encryption technologies for safe downloading of banking information in their GST accounting software. Hence, you need to ensure that the GST Return Filing Software you buy is powerful not only in return filing but also from the data security point of view as well.

GST Ready Invoices

Taxpayers registered under GST are required to generate invoices as per the GST format. Including fields for such details manually, is not only time consuming but also requires effort on the part of the taxpayer and increases the odds of committing errors.

However, GST Filing Softwares enable taxpayers and accountants to create GST ready invoices within minutes. Moreover, if the software is cloud-based, the taxpayers and accountants can create invoices on the go and send them across to their customers as and when required, without any hindrance.

Automatic Tax Circulation

With the help of any free GST Return Filing Software, taxpayers can find out the GST rates and calculate their tax liability automatically. This enables the taxpayers to determine the payable tax, avoid errors, and make timely payments. A good GST Software provides the list of GST rates such as CGST, UTGST, CESS, IGST, and SGST applicable under GST.

Moreover, on selecting the applicable GST rates, the software automatically applies the rate on the taxable value and calculates the amount of tax to be paid in respect of a particular tax invoice. Therefore small business owners and tax professionals, who would otherwise have to manually calculate the amount of tax to be paid, would now be able to do so automatically with the help of GST Software.


Cost of GST Software is another important factor to be considered while making a decision with regards to GST Software. The online GST Billing Software is available at a relatively low subscription fee and gives accessibility to either single or multiple users per license. Apart from these, there are also free GST Return Filing Softwares, which are equally efficient.

The offline versions of the software, on the other hand, are expensive. This might not be the best choice for a small business owner on a limited scale. Therefore, considering the nature and the size of the business, business owners make a choice with respect to a GST Software that fulfils their business needs.


Therefore, it is extremely important for any large as well as a small business to have some sort of GST Filing Software for tax consultants and accounts, to make it easier and effortless to file and pay the tax amount whenever required. A mere web search will give you the names of the best GST Return Filing Softwares with all the features required to cater to your every possible need.


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