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4 Easy Ways to Motivate Yourself to go to School

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Many complain about going to school but hey there’s no other choice. Here are a few pushes to kick you out of bed.

1. Meet your friends

Your good friends will be the ones you are spending the most time with. Studying, playing, getting in trouble, gossiping are stuff you all do together. Count on them to give you the support needed when you need it. Before that, they will probably throw in a few insults.  Creating new moments are what I looked forward to daily.  Looking back, my clique is probably hated by my entire class (plus teachers)  for all the mischief and pranks we were up to.  Worth it.

PW Hatred

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2. See your crushes

It is not uncommon to have someone you like in school. You are a growing teenager! Being able to see them will mean a good day. Talking to the one will make us incredibly happy. Congratulations to those who get to spend a lot of time with your crush during your ‘study sessions’.

In the end, they are the one that crushed our hearts, that’s why they are called crushes.

Crush meme

3. CCA

It’s important to choose a CCA you like. Many CCAs takes at least 25% of your weekly school time.

Stress can be vented out through sports. Or immerse yourself in the beautiful arts for those in aesthetics CCAs. Those in clubs and societies can feel useful for learning something that’s applicable in real life or maybe being able to help the society.

*Please don’t pick a CCA just for portfolio reasons, defeats the purpose of a CCA.

CCA Meme

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4. Learn new stuff

Sounds crazy? At some point in life, you realise that the skills used in your studies are useful. Application, analytical, problem-solving skills are no doubt important.

The content may not be useful (I’m sure 99% of the people out there won’t use binomials ever) but I noticed many skills I used for my work are gained from what seem like useless subjects and projects in school.

Learning meme

School is a very sheltered area. A student main concern is only just their studies. Real responsibilities will come as you grow older and the amount of stress you have to handle on a day to day basis will occasionally remind you of the good old days.


Enjoy your youth while still in school.

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