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4 Netflix Originals To Get You Into The Christmas Spirit

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Netflix isn’t just a video streaming platform for couples to “Netflix and Chill”. Ever since the American global on-demand internet streaming media provider released its first-ever original series House of Cards in 2013, the company has grown its arsenal of original content dramatically over the years. Here, we take a look at 4 Netflix originals that will get everyone into the mood for Christmas.

A Christmas Prince



If you’re looking for a feel-good, totally unrealistic holiday romance movie, this show is definitely for you.

A Christmas Prince tells the story of Amber Moore, a young journalist who was appointed to cover a story of the soon-to-be King of Aldovia, Prince Richard. Of course, guess who ended up being his Queen? No prizes for the correct answer because the trailer pretty much gave it away.

Never mind the predictable plot, A Christmas Prince gives all fans of the holiday precisely what they want— a Christmas miracle.

El Camino Christmas



 Starring familiar Hollywood faces such as Jessica Alba and Tim Allen, El Camino Christmas is a comedy film about a young man whose mission to find his biological father went horribly wrong.

Most of the film was set in the liquor store he was barricaded in together with five other people on Christmas Eve during an alleged robbery. Sounds interesting already, doesn’t it? This, unlike A Christmas Prince, is not your conventional Christmas movie but you can count on it to give you a belly full of chuckles.

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Christmas Inheritance



Another feel-good rom-com just because Christmas is the only time the cliché “spoiled city socialite who learns the true meaning of community after being banished to live in a simple small town” plot is acceptable. Use this in any other movie at any different time of the year and all you might get are boos and eye-rolls.

And of course, our female protagonist, who is continually tottering in her city heels, never fails to be clumsy and cute at the same time in front of her potential love interest aka the small-town boy with bad hair.

Once again, Netflix checked all the right boxes for a cheesy Christmas romance. Just in case the warm fuzzy feeling from A Christmas Prince isn’t enough to last you this whole season, Christmas Inheritance is here to save the day.

A Very Murray Christmas



This musical comedy stars famous actor Bill Murray who, apparently, inspired the title.

Together with several other familiar faces like Miley Cyrus and Rashida Jones, this short movie features the cast breaking out into Christmas classics like “Baby, it’s cold outside” and “Sleigh Ride” while telling a story of Murray’s disastrous Christmas turned bright.

If you love Christmas carols but would like to take a break from your overplayed Christmas Spotify playlist, this movie is perfect for you.

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