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50 Bad Habits in the Office

Joke Office Guy Bad Habit
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So you lived or will live 1/3 of your time in the office. Some are tolerable over time while many are plain disgusting and irritating. It is of utmost importance to keep these to the minimum or life at work would be miserable and unproductive. Today, we shall expose these bad habits in the office which your colleagues or even YOU might be guilty of.

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1.  Eating in office and stinking up the office.

2. Spilling your drinks every time

3. Leaving exactly on time even though you still have a pile of work due tomorrow

4. Working overtime for no reason

5. Flirting with colleagues all day/Office harassment

6. Flirting with the boss

7. Sleeping in the office and calls it power nap

Boss Around

8. Asking others to do your work and call it delegating

9. Hogging of stationery and refuses to lend them to anyone

10. Blasting music during work 

11. Steal paper for personal use at home

12. Excessive printing of personal stuff

13. Not buying souvenirs for your colleagues after coming back from your overseas trip

14. Talking too loudly 

15. Using phone all day

16. Browsing news feed on social media

17. Infect the computers with virus/Crashing the server

Hoodie Anti Social

18. Being anti-social and unapproachable

19. Talking too much during work, ruining your colleagues’ focus

20. Scolding colleagues for no reason

21. Politics

22. Gives tons of opinions but none of it is constructive

23. Disagree with everyone all the time

24. Messy and cluttered desk

25. Borrows stuff and never return

26. Drinking alcohol during work

27. Regular long toilet breaks

28. Going to another department to talk c*ck 

29. Managing a side income/interest during work

30. Turning toxic and gossip about colleagues who you feel inferior to

31. Calling colleagues/clients on weekends about work

32. When not meeting quota, divert attention and pushes the blame to other colleagues/departments (Especially true for the sales department)

33. Never fulfilling your promise to your subordinates

34. And pretended it never happen, losing all trust with your subordinates

35. Watching YouTube videos during work

36. Playing games during work

37. Talking to anyone while getting coffee at the pantry to stall time

38. Pulling pranks on your colleagues

39. Working only when the boss is around

40. Reports what you do every day to everyone


41. Claiming credit for other people’s work in hopes of getting promoted 

42. Cracking offensive jokes

43. Bad at small talk

44. Changing clothes in public

45. Showering in the office toilets

46. Ask boss for bonus/advanced salary/never-ending break

47. Applying for leave during critical period of the company

48. Stealing toilet rolls

49. Stealing colleagues’ food from the fridge in the pantry


50. Erasing all files and documents before resigning

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