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6 Ways To Find Freelance Jobs In Singapore

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Money not enough? Spent all your extra cash on buying Christmas presents for everyone? Wanting to earn some extra money in 2020 by doing some freelance jobs?

We talk about 6 ways to pick up some extra income by freelancing, in this expensive city that we call home while keeping your day job. With the rise of the gig economy across the globe, it’s so common for everyone to have a side job or hustle these days, ranging from providing freelance services to driving for Uber and so on.

Freelancing provides you with a way to earn some extra moolah, with the flexibility of picking up projects that you like, as well as a way to test and improve your skills in a particular industry.

Here are some of the freelance job websites that you should check out if you want to make a little extra money:


Screenshot Source:

Indeed is another excellent website with many relevant part-time/freelance jobs, just make sure to search for those keywords for Singapore. Although the search turns up several results, you may have to do a little more research, as the website is a job aggregator, that collates results from other sites. So, make sure that the companies are legit, especially when you’re directed to a third-party website.

You can create your profile and receive email alerts for your targeted job searches in your inbox.

Recommended: For everyone looking to find part-time/freelance jobs.

Startup jobs


Screenshot Source: StartUpJobs Asia Singapore

For techie types, Startupjobs is probably your best bet. Startupjobs aims to create a better leverage and platform for Startup Hire in Asia and help connect the right talent fit within their growing and emerging business. You can search for part-time, temporary, internship, or freelance roles on this job portal. This is probably one of the best places to try out your new online skills like digital marketing or design skills.

Some of the coveted tech companies like Foodpanda, Eatigo, Hmlet, Honestbee, WAAVE, advertise here regularly. There are also a few other non-tech roles with small SMEs or startups, but these are few and far in between.

Recommended: For techie types.

Intern SG

Where to Find the Best Internships in Singapore [2020]

Screenshot Source: InternSG

Great at social media? Hone those skills by applying for some of the social media internship jobs.

We found a variety of freelance/internship gigs in social media, admin work, internships with tech startups, MNCs, advertising agencies, retail brands and so on. Internships ranged from 3-6 months long, and the monthly allowance was around $500-1000/per month. You may need to contact the companies and clarify if they’re keen to employ you as a freelancer/part-time on a project basis.

Best of all, it’s free to join and apply.

Recommended: For students and fresh graduates.

Driving gigs – Uber, Grab


Screenshot Source: Uber

These companies give you the flexibility of earning some money with your car or a rental. It’s easy to sign up, the ubiquity of the service allows you to pick up customers that are convenient for you. For Uber & Grab, you can work part-time, just driving whenever you have extra time on the weekends or at night. You also have the flexibility to select who you want to pick up, depending on where you’re going to.

Latest update as of 4th August 2020: Uber has left Singapore. For Uber, the requirements are that you need to be a Singapore Citizen or PR, at least 25 years old, and holding a Class 3/3A licence for at least 1 year. Uber charges 10-30% commission for each job.

For Grab, you need to be a Singapore Citizen or PR, at least 21 years of age, with a minimum of 2 years driving experience. Grab takes 20% commission from the jobs, but you could drive where and when you want, with no minimum driving period or hours.



Recommended: For those who already own a car or like driving.

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Part-time gigs with a caring twist – Homage,

If you’re into providing care services like nursing and happen to be qualified for it, you may wish to consider these freelance jobs that would definitely give you the work-life balance you always wanted.

You can check our such opportunities at and Homage.


Homage is an award-winning holistic healthcare service provider that has served thousands of families in Singapore. Care Professionals enjoy working with Homage due to the flexible schedules, competitive rates, and personalized matches. You can view and choose suitable healthcare assignments, and be alerted of upcoming assignments immediately through a simple-to-use mobile app, anytime, anywhere.

Be it freelance, short-term or full-time as a therapist, nurse, caregiver or doctor, Homage has an array of opportunities in the home healthcare industry for you.


In addition, is an online job-matching portal for people looking for care services like care companions, medical escorts, home nursing and babysitting. The company has created an online marketplace leveraging a shared economy of Care seekers and Caregivers, that serves as a way to empower freelance professional caregivers.

It’s free to post your listing on what services that you provide, and you will be notified by email or phone if you’ve been booked for a service. Payment is via bank transfer to your account, 3 days after completing the job.

Recommended: For certified healthcare professionals with a loving heart

International freelance job board – Upwork, Fiverr, Peopleperhour


Screenshot Source: Upwork

Of course, there’s always the international job boards which list thousands of freelance jobs, mostly for online work. Some of these include being a VA or virtual assistant, transcription or translation work, writing, social media, web development or design, and so on.

As these job portals have been around for a while now, the competition is getting fiercer as you will have to compete as a newcomer with these established freelance profiles, as well as other very talented individuals online.

If you’re able to find a way to stand out from the other profiles and build up a ranking for your profile, you could make a decent amount of money here.

Otherwise, with the supply of freelancers sometimes overwhelming the demand for such jobs, it’s often a race to the bottom for the prices of services offered, compared to the amount of work required.

We would suggest that start with freelancing for Singapore companies, where you would have a better chance of getting the gig.

Recommended: For committed freelancers, who want to up their international game.




The conclusion: There are many jobs out there! You just need to know where to find them, and most of all, whether you want to take it up.

If you’re serious about freelancing and want to make this a regular side hustle, you could also consider doing up your Linkedin profile or even your website to showcase your work. Using this profile, you can quickly promote yourself to your friends, family and social network to start out.

We suggest continuing to find projects while building up your portfolio so that you can eventually start pitching your work to potential businesses to turn freelancing into your full-time gig.

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