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BenQ EH600 Superior Digital Wireless Projector in Singapore – Tech Review

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Let’s face it. Projectors are the closest thing we have to holograms. It is the most futuristic feat humans have achieved without ever needing a heavy and bulky screen called a television, but still has a far superior mondo-sized screen. Be it using it as part of your home theatre system or for corporate meetings, the projectors are hands-down the most versatile and cost-effective choice. We heard about “wireless projector” How about wireless smart projectors? Here’s our take on BenQ EH600, a superior digital projector.

Disclaimer: We have received a loan unit from BenQ for review purposes only. The Guidesify Team has tried it under both home and corporate settings to provide an accurate review about the EH600 wireless projector. No affiliate links are placed in this review.

TL;DR? Here is a brief comparison of BenQ’s EH600 with traditional wireless projectors.

BenQ Smart Projector for BusinessOther Wireless Projectors
User interfaceAndroid-based interfaceTraditional in-house interface
No additional software required for wireless projectionX
Device system supportiOS/Android/Windows/Mac OSDepends on software
Over-the-air (OTA) firmware updatesX
App expandabilityX
Remote ControlSmart remote with a laser pointer, plus BenQ Smart Control (smartphone)Limited functionality
USB Direct ReadingAlmost all formats supported with 2 USB portsLimited formats are supported with 1 USB port only

Meetings Without Laptops – Maximising Efficiency With A Wireless & Smart Projector

Meetings are increasingly becoming a bigger part of our working lives, especially if you are management. 

What if we told you that middle management spends on average 35% of their working hours on meetings, while higher management spends a whopping 50%?

You would most probably say: Those meetings better be worth it.

Well, sad to say, that is not the case.

Meetings are known to be one of the biggest time wasters in the corporate world. And we think that this could be partly attributed to the use of laptops.

How so?

Connecting laptops to a traditional “wireless” projector can be a chore. The presenter is usually required to download and install pre-requisite software prior to the presentation. And even then, the casting process is slow and buggy.

Tons of inefficiencies are also created when attendees are allowed to bring in their own laptops as well. It is not uncommon to catch attendees shopping online and doing everything else besides actively participating in the meeting.

With BenQ’s EH600 wireless smart projector, modern companies have the option of removing laptops entirely from meetings and promote face-to-face discussion – effectively eradicating a major source of distraction.

Not to mention, no more cable clutter on the meeting table.

The presenter can simply connect his or her Android or iOS phone/tablet to the wireless projector without any additional software required. 

Still prefer the old “presenting from your laptop” way? The EH600 is definitely capable of projecting wirelessly with any Windows or macOS laptop as well!

Same thing. 

No software required.

No Laptops, No Phones? Use A Thumb drive Then!

Don’t even want a single electronic device in the meeting room? 

Fret not! 

It can still be done and all you need is a USB drive. BenQ’s wireless smart projectors can support almost all formats of files, while the other wireless projectors can only support limited formats.

The EH600 is the World’s first Android built smart projector for business. Technically, that means it has all the capabilities of an Android device. 

One of the included apps is The WPS Office. This app allows presenters to present any Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint document by simply plugging in their USB drive into the EH600. 

Alternatively, the projector also has built-in storage for you to store documents for meetings.

Just think about it. 

This perk is a no brainer.

Instead of troubling yourself with unplugging your laptops and every other cable that is connected to it, and carrying them from your desk to the meeting room, you can now save the hassle and carry a single USB drive to carry out a meeting instantly.

(Thanks to the built-in application, you can also connect the EH600 with keyboard (without laptop or PC)

What’s more? If you don’t have a laser pointer with you, the EH600’s remote control has one built in just for you. 

Good to know: Other apps on the projector includes Blizz TeamViewer (for video conferencing), TeamViewer (enables remote IT troubleshooting) and Firefox (web browser capability on a projector).

Seamless Set-up Process – Simplifying Technology To Focus On What’s Really Important

Upon unboxing of the EH600, setting it up for first use was surprisingly too easy knowing that the set-up process for traditional projectors tends to be overly complex.

Within a minute we were good to go.

Selecting device language
Adjusting vertical keystone
Connecting to a preferred Wi-Fi network
Choosing your Time Zone (No Singapore!)
Choosing your projector position

After that, the smart projector displays a very simple user interface, allowing the selection of the device to wirelessly connect with. Here are the steps to do so for each device platform.

Crystal Clear Image Quality For Ultra-Sharp Readability

Being crowned the next-generation projector isn’t just about being smart or wireless.

The EH600 projector has to be the finest product in the industry too.

BenQ uses high-quality glass lenses and its DLP projector eliminates colour decay. 

The EH600 offers a 3500 lm high brightness and full HD 1080P resolution while correcting the picture colour when the projection surface is not white.

It also has a flexible projection size of 100” at 13 feet to 150” at 16.2 feet along with two adjustment feet, making it suitable for most meeting and huddle rooms. 

Using the BenQ EH600 For Home Entertainment

Although built for office use, the smart projector can also be utilised as a part of your home theatre system.

Simply use the screw threads on the base of the EH600 and mount it on a ceiling and you have just upgraded your movie room with a mega-sized (up to 180 inches) screen. 

Priced just under 1400 SGD, the EH600 is a good long-term investment and an extraordinary multi-purpose tool for both office and home use. BenQ has definitely defined what the next line of projectors should look like.

Think the EH600 is too overpowered for your movie room? There are other E600 smart projectors by BenQ that may better suit your taste. Here, take a look:

BenQ Smart Projectors Comparison Chart BenQ EH600

Purchase BenQ EH600 Smart Projector now at BenQ’s official store @ Lazada.

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