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Constipation Woes – Causes, Relief and Treatment (Sort of)

Guide to Constipation
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You ought to be lauded if you claim that you’ve never experienced any form of constipation before. How did you manage to free yourself from constipation? Constipation affects approximately 42 million people in America based on the results of a survey conducted by National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases.

Constipation Cause

There is a myriad of reasons as to why one is constipated. Low fibre diet tops the list. It may also be due to you lacking the hydration your body desires. However, do note that the writer is by no means a certified doctor and that all the information embedded within this article may or may not be entirely accurate seeing as to how they’re mostly information that she had collated through books and the help of Google.

Hypothyroidism is also another factor one might consider when you’re mulling over why you’re experiencing constipation. Hypothyroidism is also known as the thyroid gland that’s underactive which resulted in a deceleration concerning how ones’ metabolism processes itself within the body.

Thyroid advisor

Image Source: Thyroid Advisor

Much to the dismay of many, several pieces of evidence have surfaced on how chocolate may be just a culprit behind constipation.  Fortunately, this evidence isn’t substantial enough to fully justify how it causes constipation. Some researchers had even discovered that in some cases, chocolates do help people when they’re constipated. Therefore, we can only conclude that when chocolate is involved, it’s better just to let the mystery of whether it causes or relieves constipation remain that way. A mystery.

Nutella with girl

Image Source: Pinterest

Chocolate remains shrouded in mystery but the reasons why vitamins can cause constipation are as clear as day. Vitamins contain ingredients like iron and calcium which can solidify stools excessively till it’ll feel like you’re trying to push out some rocky meteorite out of your rear end.

Vitamins Ted-Ed

Image Source: Ted-Ed

That’s not all. Consuming too much dairy foods like eggs and cheese will cause your digestive system to work its magic at a slightly slower rate which will inadvertently result in constipation too.

Dairy products milk cheese bread

Image Source: Illustration Source

Unbeknownst to many, constipation may not always be solely due to consumption of food. It could also be due to one’s mental condition. Apparently, being depressed can slow down the rate of how one’s body usually processes itself.


Image Source: Gurl

The list of reasons behind what causes constipation can go on and on. Do head over to your nearest physician to find out more.

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The Boredom

Many may unanimously agree on a reason as to why constipation is dreaded by people regardless of their age and gender. The boredom. Yes, you’ve read it right. Boredom. The hours spent in the loo staring at your tiles for what seemed like aeons while waiting for those businesses at your rear end to succumb to gravitational pull and land in the pool of water with a satisfying “Sploosh!”.

Some may wonder, “So what do us, humans, ought to do if we’re caught in the situation as mentioned earlier?” You’ve come to the right place for this article will bestow you with just two options (for now) of what you’re able to do to conquer that normal situation.

Mobile device

This suggestion isn’t recommended for those who are germaphobes. It’s tough to stray towards the path of boredom with a phone or a tablet cupped in your hands while you’re engaged in that mighty big business of yours in the cubicle. To ensure that the phone is fully charged for it may take hours or maybe even days. Heck, even years before that far from aromatic business for the day is complete.

There are usually no sockets to charge your mobile devices due to safety reasons. Some may think it’s a brilliant idea to purchase an extra-long USB cable so that you’ll be able to plug it in the socket that’s located out albeit near the toilet and resume watching whatever you’re playing on your mobile device without the need to worry about it running out of battery. Alas, charging your mobile device near a location where there’s water running like the bidet and taps, is never a good idea. Simply ensure that the mobile device which would be accompanying you when you’re in your quest to conquer the boredom that comes along with constipation is complete if not most, charged before you charge towards the toilet. If you do run out of battery and your pungent business has yet to be completed, just resume what you had been doing all along before mobile devices were introduced to the world; stare at the tiles.

Toilet roll with toilet bowl

Image Source: USA Today


Gone are the days when you’re sitting all alone in the loo with nothing to accompany you except the constant drip drops of a leaky faucet. Singing in the shower has always been a thing that’s fancied by many. Everyone seems to think that the sound emitted from the shower jets will wash down your vocalisations. However, that is far from the truth. Those, especially anyone who resides in an apartment, can hear your vocals loud and clear. It’s almost like you’ve installed a microphone in your bathroom.

You can now engage in a solo karaoke session not only when you’re showering but while you’re caught in the bowl in a constipated situation. Who knows, some falsettos and vibratos may even help push that meteorite out of you.

This has been possible thanks to Waterproof Bluetooth speakers. These speakers are usually equipped with suction cups that’ll enable you to stick them on the tiles that you had been staring at all along previously. Simply connect your mobile device to the speaker via Bluetooth and voila!  You’re now able to blare tracks found on your mobile device, through the connected speaker. These Bluetooth speakers are usually equipped with a rather impressive range. Therefore, germaphobes may be able to release a sigh of relief as it isn’t necessary to bring your mobile device in the toilet with you to bask in the glory of having your favourite tunes blaring through speakers there. Apparently, it’s also possible to do so if you’ve connected the speaker to your mobile device in advance before entering the lavatory. Do note that it’s better to place the mobile device nearer to the said lavatory that you’re about to enter to ensure that no connection is lost between device and speaker.

portable speakers.

Image Source: Indiegogo

Some may think that Bluetooth speakers come with a hefty price and even more if they’re waterproof too. Well, you’ve guessed it wrong. Several stationary shops like Typo sell these waterproof Bluetooth shower speakers at an affordable price. Yes, they may not produce bass as refined as speakers that were made by renowned brands like Sony and JBL. However, the sound produced by them is still decent nonetheless. Feeling dubious? Fret not, you’re now able to find out more about the cheaper alternatives of those shower speakers and even hear how it’ll sound like before you decide if it’s worthy enough for you to splurge your cash on, thanks to the help of Internet and review videos on YouTube.

save water shower with a friend speaker

Image Source: Preview

Here, I’ve presented to you some of the things that you’re able to do, with the help of technology, to conquer boredom that one usually faced when their stools do not seem eager on yielding to the forces of gravity.

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