Disrupting NS Guide: Does It Even Exist?

Disrupting NS Guide: Does It Even Exist?
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What is Disruption from National Service?

Is it the same as deferring from National Service?

Yes and no, Disruption is similar yet different from deferring from National Service.

While deferring is done before National Service, disrupting is done during National Service where you would essentially put a pause on your National Service for any valid reasons.

The Various Valid Reasons 📜

Everyone has thousands of reasons to apply for Disruption ,but the Ministry Of Defence (MINDEF)  only accepts reasons for further studies or retaking exams.

The various Valid reasons are:

1. Repeating GCE ’A’ Level

If you did not do well for A levels, you are allowed to apply for Disruption to retake your A level examinations.

However, there are still certain requirements that have to be met before MINDEF deems you eligible for Disruption.

The requirements are, that if you have failed your General Paper or Any H2 subjects, and is only applicable in the first 6 months of enlistment, so don’t delay your application!

2. Repeating IB Diploma

Similar to A Levels, if you have not done well, you can apply to disrupt National Service.

However, Disruption of National Service is only applicable to servicemen who enlist before result release.

3. Repeat Diploma Studies

Similarly to the previous reasons, if you have not done well you can apply to disrupt National Service.

Like for A Levels, repeat Diploma Disruption only applicable within the first 6 months of enlistment.

4. Further studies: University

If you are enlisted in a later intake as compared to your school cohort, you may be eligible for Disruption for further studies. 

This is so that you may commence your studies at the same time as your peers who are enlisted in the earlier intake. 

This allows you to begin your further studies at the same time as your peers from the same school cohort. 

However, you will be required to serve your remaining full-time NS in one continuous period after you have completed your studies.

How To Apply?😖

There is a Google form that you can apply online to disrupt National service.

But before you do that there are some documents (PDFs)  that you have to submit with the application.

These documents are, a signed copy of the Terms and Conditions Acknowledgement Form, which can be obtained via the NS portal Manage Disruption page under FAQ, and Documentary proof:

School Letter/ Repeat Examination Registration Letter for IB

Examination Results/ Full Academic Transcript for Diploma Studies

The start date of Repeat Studies and Expected End Date must be in the school letter.

For IB, the date of examination has to be in the same calendar year of the disruption application. E.g. Result result in July and retake IB diploma examination in November

Once you have prepared the necessary documents, simply search on Google “NS disruption” and click on an NS portal link that says “Manage Disruption”.

Afterwards, you will be redirected to the NS portal page.

On this page under the introduction there will be a link you can press to go to the Google form.

When you are redirected to the Google form, you will have to login via Singpass to continue the application.

Once you are logged in, simply fill in the application form according to the instructions given and submit the form, do note that the application may take 3 weeks to be processed and approved so be patient.

The Do’s And DONT’S

When applying for Disruption, there are certain steps that you can take to help increase your chances of getting your application approved🤓.

Before you send your disruption request for your CO’s approval,  we highly advise that you inform and discuss the decision to disrupt with your immediate commander.

But why? This way your immediate commanders won’t be lost when asked by the CO or higher-ups about the application, and they can help you with the disruption process.

Make sure your contact information in the NS portal is up to date.

This will allow the Human Resource Shared Services Centre – National Servicemen Services Centre (HRSSC-NSSC) to notify you of the outcome of your application.

Failing to do so may end up delaying the application process and waste your time in National service.

Ensure the relevant supporting documents must be attached and submitted together with your application on time. 

If not, the application will be considered as an incomplete submission and not be processed. 

You will have to submit a new application with the required supporting documents and potentially waste 3 weeks waiting for the outcome of your application.

No amendments are allowed once your application is submitted and being processed. 

So If you made a mistake in your application, you would have to cancel the existing one and submit a new application🥴.

IDK Should I Apply?

If you’re unsure whether you should go through the trouble of disrupting from National Service or not, well that all depends on the pros and the cons of disrupting.

The good thing about disruption is that it allows you to pause your National Service and focus full-time on your studies.

However, disruption does not mean that you don’t have to serve National Service anymore, as whatever amount of National Service liability you have left will remain the same and you’ll have to serve this remainder after your disruption ends.

So if you don’t mind putting a pause on National Service and coming back to serve after your studies, go ahead and apply for the Disruption.

But if you want to finish your  National Service in one go and not worry about National Service then don’t disrupt, you will have an abundance of time after to study anyway.

WAHOO! You now know how to apply for Disruption from NS and your eligibility, now its time to start the study grind! 💪 Good luck and work hard!

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