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FlexClip Video Maker: How to Trim Videos Easily

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Everyone can Vlog and post videos with ease in today’s age, where videos can be speedily edited and uploaded to platforms like YouTube and Instagram. One of the most frequent and daunting tasks when editing videos is to cut or trim unnecessary parts, leaving only the short snippets that matter.

This comes to rise an unnecessary influx of video editing software that users can choose from, but did you know you could do it without installing any third-party software? 

Yep, that’s right, a site named FlexClip actually offers such a service.

We will be looking into their free service that allows you to trim videos online. You can also combine multiple clips, add sound/captions, and convert video to other formats. With this simple video trimmer, you can trim and edit your videos online or directly on your phone.


How to trim a video with FlexClip

  • Upload a video 
  • Click the scissors icon in the lower right corner of the screen. A video-trimming window will appear.
  • Adjust the yellow slider to select the starting (IN point) and ending point (OUT point) of the input video. 
  • Click the [Trim Video] Button.
  • Thumbnails for the selected scene’s [IN point] and [OUT point] will be displayed to the user.
  • Click [Export Video].
  • Download the finished product onto your computer 

The platform is fairly simple to use and the online service suits perfectly even for novice users. The FlexClip video maker helps to create original videos that are meant to impress your audiences. This free service is specially designed for beginners to produce freshly-made and amazing video clips in a matter of minutes. Videos can be converted to MP4 to be viewed and shared between devices.


FlexClip Alternatives – Why Do You Even Need an Alternative Though? 

Wincreator: It is a software that allows the user to create videos in a wide range of video formats. It has a clear and simple interface and enables you to select the start and endpoints of the movie to be modified. 

However, Wincreator does not offer any advanced editing functions but that’s not much of a downer since it does one thing and does it excellently. Do note that it is only suitable for editing short videos as the maximum file upload size is 50 MB.

iMovie: Any Apple fan would know iMovie. It is an elite Apple video editor that is completely free with no limitations whatsoever. However, it does not allow the embossment of watermarks, has no premium filters available and does not have any advanced trimming features (e.g. cutting out the middle portion of a video clip).

VidTrim: For Andriod users, you’re not shortchanged as well. With VidTrim, you are able to edit videos easily on your Andriod devices. The application is available in two versions: a free one – with advertisements, of course, and a paid one – a much more hassle-free version.  


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