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There’s A Place In Singapore: The Fragment Room. Release All That Rage In You.

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Rage, anger, frustrations. Name it. We have it in all of us. For some, it may be an outward demonstration, while some take it inwards, bottling everything up.

Bottle up those emotions no longer because we have a new player in town, allowing you vent all that irritation out. Who knows, maybe you will walk out becoming a brand new person?

Introducing this new establishment in town called, ‘The Fragment Room’.


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In short, ‘The Fragment Room’ It is a safe space where you can break and smash things into your heart’s desire.

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 Here’s the idea behind why it was started

 Singaporeans and locals living in this small little red dot can attest to how fast-paced Singapore is like. Take a walk outside, be it MRT stations, bus interchange, shopping malls and streets… you will find yourself being part of the group of lifeless soldiers or walking dead. Very much following the drill day after day, isn’t it?

So, instead of forcing yourself to be the norm, free out that suppressed stress within you at ‘The Fragment Room’, a safe and judgment-free zone.

Think of it as the new age of anger therapy where you book an appointment to release your hidden feelings (and hatred, if there’s any). What’s more, ‘The Fragment Room’ promises to be there “as friends to listen” if you need someone to talk to! Sweet.

Don’t lose yourself in the rat race. Ditch your rigid lifestyle and let it all out. You will feel so much better after that.

And if you’re worried about safety, don’t be. You will be decked out in safety gear so everything will be just fine. But do go in with covered shoes and socks and preferably with footwear that you don’t mind dirtying. If you’re still concerned because you only have that one pair of limited edition Adidas shoes, consider renting safety boots at ‘The Fragment Room’?


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What you would be wrecking

Ah, here goes the different items you can crush: Plates, cups, vases, television sets, radio sets and electronic appliances.

Now, now, don’t look at me like that. ‘The Fragment Room’ ain’t wasting any of the ‘new things’ because most of their supplies are already doomed for the scrap yards, they are simply bought over so you angsty little creatures can ruin it to your heart’s content before they are on their way to be further scrapped or recycled.

Oh, and you can actually bring your items to destroy at an extra charge of $15. Have that thing at home that symbolically represents a person or memory? Take it to ‘The Fragment Room’ and break it to pieces, shatter that negative thought once and for all.

Available packages

So you’re all ready to visit them? ‘The Fragment Room’ offers 3 standard packages.

Package 1: Single ($38)

This is the most basic package they have, ideal for a mini release for one person. You will have a crate of breakables, a baseball bat and 30 minutes.


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Package 2: Annihilation ($350)

Look at that price jump? Expect an out-of-the-world experience because you will be getting an UNLIMITED crate of breakables, a baseball bat within an hour of havoc.


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Package 3: Double ($75)

The Double package is the only package that allows 2 pax. So bring that pal and join forces! You will be getting 2 crates of breakables, baseball bats and 30 minutes on the clock.


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If you’re available on a weekday, I’ve got good news for you. You will get 20% off total bill on their “Unhappy Hour” from Monday to Thursday, 1 pm to 5 pm. Only available for walk-ins.


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Don’t take my word for it. Many had gone before you, tried and tested coming out all fresh and still, in one piece.

Here’s 2 of the recent feedback which speaks a lot:


Image Source: The Fragment Room Facebook Page

I’m a firm believer of public input because it’s a true reflection of the service provided. And if one takes so much time to pen down their experience, it says much what the company has to offer.


Image Source: The Fragment Room Facebook Page

Just don’t be like these girls who are doing it the wrong way because they were too… gentle:


Instead, do it this way. Man up, you’re supposed to be all urghhhhh!

So we say, stop hitting and yelling at that poor pillow at home, it’s becoming as flat as a roti prata already. Book a session at ‘The Fragment Room’ for a smashing good time!

Address: 3 Balestier Rd, Singapore 329671

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 1 pm to 10 pm


Roadside parking on Race Course Rd & Tessensohn Rd

Here are the charges for parking lot at CSC Tessensohn

6.00am to 5.59pm — $2.00 per hour

6.00pm to 3.00am — $4.00 per entry

Motorcycles — $1.50 per entry

For more information, please contact them at [email protected].

But to keep things neutral, a one-time experience could provide short-term relief of that pent-up frustration, but if you find yourself frequently heading back, then it might be a sign of a bigger problem.

As rightly pointed out by Dr Amit Sood, a medical professor at Mayo Clinic, “If you have to pay to break stuff, then it is a good time to ask yourself, ‘what is wrong in my life?”

Try alternatives to reducing stress and anger such as controlled deep breathing, muscle relaxation and lowering expectations? After all, it’s all about keeping things in perspective.

If a method like the one mentioned above isn’t available to you, or you seem to continue to struggle with anger, depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues, has therapists available online, on your schedule, to help with anything you’re struggling with!

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