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A Short Message From Grab & Uber Drivers to Their Riders

Grab & Uber
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Let’s get straight to the point. Many disputes riders have with Grab & Uber drivers could be avoided if each party is well informed of the rules, regulations and the type of private hire service (GrabCar, JustGrab, UberX, Uberpool and even GrabHitchthat each option in the application entails. Too many online shaming, complaints and videos of disputes have originated from a small misunderstanding. Therefore, we will summarise and highlight information which might help you understand more about each service by Grab and Uber, in hopes of making your next ride a more pleasant one.

bourne supremacy

Each person has a different set of needs and wants. To be aware of what to look out for in each service not only allows you to understand what the service caters to, it also lets you choose the right service to avoid being caught in a verbal dispute with your driver, having your day affected or to be taking on the “Tour de Singapore”.

Tour de Singapore

Singapore Lion City

Grabshare and Uberpool rides are CHEAP. It is priced at least 20% lower than GrabCar, JustGrab and UberX services. They are cheap for a simple reason – You share your ride. There will be multiple pick-ups, drop-offs and waiting times for other riders. If you are in a rush, pay more for your own GrabCar, JustGrab or Uber X.

Grabshare and Uberpool work on a technology which awards bookings to your driver with the nearest available rider along the route he is taking, the rider may or may not be heading to where you are dropping off. The drop off is set to wherever is nearest to the driver’s current location, NOT who boarded the car first. There were stories of “Tour de Singapore” where drivers were led around the country picking and dropping off other riders while the rider who boarded first dropping off last.

Be prepared to spend at least 20 minutes extra in exchange for a cheaper ride.

GrabHitch is not a commercial service

Car Grab Uber Chiobu

In our opinion, we think Grab is the one at fault to place GrabHitch together with the other services. Most riders are still ignorant about the fact that GrabHitch drivers can be anyone who has a car and is heading in the same direction as you. They picked you up because they are happy with giving you a lift on their own personal car. It helps to be appreciative and less demanding, you may even make a new friend!

Having GrabHitch with the other services adds to this misconception that GrabHitch drivers have the contractual obligation to fetch only one person when you book the service like GrabCar. The fact is drivers have the right to choose to pick up to 4 riders heading to any locations.

Another point about GrabHitch is while riders do not have an obligation to contribute to ERP charges, it is open to discussion between the driver and rider. Take note that as a GrabHitch rider, you have to indicate how many people are taking the ride.

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