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Hair Products? How Do I Use them? : Guide To Applying Hair Products The Right Way

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Mastered the art of skincare?

But what about haircare?

In the realm of beauty routines, haircare can be just as important as skincare.

Just like the meticulous layering of skincare products, mastering the application of haircare products is essential for nurturing your luscious locks to look their best. 

Finding yourself pondering the optimal order for applying your hair essentials?

Unsure of which products to use? Fear not! 

We here at Guidesify have tapped into the wisdom and knowledge of expert hairstylists to unveil the ultimate guide to applying the various haircare products tailored to your unique hair type and texture.

When it comes to hair care, a one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t cut it. Everyone’s hair is different from others, and yours may be thinner or frizzier than others. 

Understanding the many nuances of your hair type and texture is crucial for curating a fully personalised regimen that delivers the best results.

From shampoo to styling sprays, each hair product plays a vital role in nourishing, protecting, and enhancing your strands. 

Let’s dive into the expert-approved steps for achieving luscious locks from root to tip.

Step 1: Showering Must-Haves 

Everyone knows your haircare journey begins in the shower, it is where the foundation for healthy hair is laid.🙄

And if you do not know that…… your hair is really going to need this guide.🫠

Begin by selecting a shampoo and conditioner duo tailored to your hair’s specific needs. 

Read the labels!

Every hair product has a brief description describing what the product does exactly, whether you’re battling frizz, enhancing curls, or preserving colour, there’s a formula designed to address your concerns.

Make sure to wash your scalp thoroughly too, as a healthy scalp also affects the health of your hair!

You can take your haircare game a step further by incorporating a rejuvenating hair mask after using your conditioner for an added boost of hydration and repair.

Step 2: Post Shower Rituals To Make Your Hair Glow😎

Once you emerge from your shower, it’s time to pamper your strands with some targeted treatments. 

Kickstart your post-shower routine with a nourishing leave-in conditioner and detangling spray, fortifying your hair against breakage and damage.

How do you ask?

Both leave-in conditioners and detanglers can act as efficient heat protectants for heat styling, making your hair less brittle and more pliable.

However, to give yourself the best treatment, a wide-tooth comb is something you can use to help you prevent damage to the hair shaft.

Source: YS Park YS-606 Shampoo and Tint comb– Trend Supply Singapore

If you’d like to get one of your own, the YS Park YS-606 Shampoo And Tint Comb could be a great fit for you.

The round-shaped teeth enable less tension and make the comb gentle to the scalp. 

On the other end of the comb, the tip of the tail works as a little finger for easy sectioning, making this a great multi-tool for styling your hair.

If you’re interested in changing up your style to get curly hair or maintaining curls on your hair, you will need a curling iron that works well in curling your hair while keeping both your hair and hands safe from getting burnt. 🔥

Source: CreateIon Repit Curling Iron– Trend Supply Singapore

The CreateIon Repit Curling Iron, a Korean-made curling iron favoured by hair professionals, can be heated up to 220°C to give you long-lasting curls and quick styling.

To keep your hands safe as you use them to roll your hair into the curling iron, this curling iron makes use of Japanese cool bristle technology to let you use your bare palms to roll your hair into the heated curler safely.

Should you wish to vary the temperatures at which your hair is heated, the temperature can be set from 110°C to 200°C, with 4 temperature indication lights.

Available in 2 sizes: 24mm or 28mm, if you’re interested in getting such a curler, you can get it here.

Step 3: Time To Style Your Hair Like A Super Model!

With your hair now primed and protected, it is time to embrace the art of hair styling. 

Select the appropriate product based on your hair type and desired look. 

Whether you’re aiming for sleek and smooth or embracing your natural curls, there’s a styling solution tailored to your needs. 


If you are looking to make your hair look “fuller”, Mousse is the right product for you. Mousse provides some hold as well as added volume and can be an alternative to heavier hair sprays. 

Mousse is also a great product for those with natural hair to use, as it helps define natural curls and bring out some waves when using a curling iron.

Hair Cream

Another product worth looking into would be hair cream.

What is hair cream?

Hair cream, also known as styling cream, adds that subtle, natural-looking shine to hair. 

It gives a low to medium hold that tames stray hairs but doesn’t weigh your ‘do’ down. 

To put it simply, hair cream banishes frizz without the greasiness.🤓

Hair Gels

Hair gels are kind of like a miracle product being able to accomplish many hair styling preferences one might have.

Why do we say so?

That’s because hair gels can help hold moisture and protect the hair, enhance and define your curls, lengthen the hair, and style hair into place.

Hair gels can also control frizz, create a flexible hold, add body and shine, help manage your hair, and provide a smooth comb through.

That’s a whole lot of capabilities for just one product!

Step 4: Nourishing your Luscious Locks And Making Them Shine

We are not done yet!

Why stop here when you can make your hair look AND feel even better?

Seal in moisture and add a touch of lustre with luxurious hair oil or serum.😎

These powerhouse products not only nourish and hydrate your strands but also impart that radiant shine that’s sure to turn heads wherever you may go.

Whether your hair is parched and in need of replenishment or you simply crave a glossy finish, incorporating oils and serums into your routine will surely be a game-changer.

Step 5: Let Your Glorious Hair Have A Finishing Flourish

Complete your haircare masterpiece with the perfect finishing touches. 

Dry texture sprays, hair sprays, and shine sprays are your final flourish, adding that extra volume, texture, and hold to your styled locks. 

Just ensure your hair is thoroughly dry before applying styling staples, so nothing interferes with its ability to create hold and boost hair volume. 

Not to mention, when you use sprays on wet hair, it’s like when you’re air-drying your hair, you’re only begging for crunchy strands!

Diving Deeper Into Styling Hair!

Think you are ready for more advanced hair styling?

Why not dye your hair? 

Many hair salons can dye your hair for a fee and the hair dye which hair salons use often lasts longer and doesn’t damage your hair.

Why? Because hair salons use products such as Thermal Color and Emsibeth Activator Peroxide.

Source: Thermal Color– Trend Supply Singapore

Thermal Color is synonymous with shine, extreme brightness, hydration and duration of colour in time, concerning the hair’s balance. 

Helping the hair stay moisturised, regenerated and tangle-free. Being completely p-Phenylenediamine and Resorcinol-free, it is particularly suitable for those with a sensitive scalp.

Source: Emsibeth Activator Peroxide– Trend Supply Singapore

Emsibeth Activator Peroxide protects the hair and ensures a longer-lasting colour thanks to its stabilised and calibrated formula.

Now equipped with expert-level hair styling and hair care knowledge you can now elevate your hair care routine to new heights.

Say GOODBYE to sad, dry, and frizzy-looking hair and say hello to your best hair days yet!💈

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