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Here’s How Shopping Communities Have Changed The Way You Shop Online

Shopping Communities habits changed
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The age of the Internet has brought significant disruption to our World. It has come to a point where the three wealthiest people on Earth belong to the Tech Industry (Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg), and industries that used to flourish are no longer doing so well. One such sector that will be discussed in this article is the retail sector, which is dominated by Amazon in the digital world. While eCommerce continues to grow exponentially and has already amounted to US$3968 million in Singapore alone, physical retail stores, on the other hand, have faced a steady decline in in-store sales. The future does not seem certain at all for retailers who are unable to adapt to the digital world; H&M, in particular, is struggling with sales while trying to pick up eCommerce and is expected to shutter 170 stores in 2018.

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Changed Habits

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On another note, we can no longer deny that online shopping communities have permanently changed the way we shop and these online communities/portals are superior to brick and mortar shops in many ways such as reach, overheads, interactivity etc. Online shopping sites like Lazada, Amazon and Carousell are also versatile and can penetrate easily in the industry with growth-hacking related marketing strategies. One key marketing tool that most of us would have heard of is promo codes. These promo codes can be easily found on the web and can provide considerable savings to shoppers who are *cheapskate* less lazy to key in those codes. Alternatively, you can retrieve deals, offers & coupons from Pelando too, an online community for deal seekers.

Similar to how shoppers find actual shopping with friends enjoyable, the user experience of many online shopping sites are also well thought through and are programmed to every tiny detail for the purpose of giving a personalised shopping experience to their shoppers. Additionally, with online communities, recommendations can be pushed to you via reviews, past transactions, ratings and more; mimicking the process of how trusted friends would help you make the right decision on which dress or shoes to purchase.

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Increased Credibility and Security

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Aside from the introduction of https compliance for all shopping checkout pages, discussion boards and forums have too proved themselves useful in preempting buyers of a potential scam or whether the good or service is of a low quality. Over here, users of similar interests could advise each other on whether a seller is credible or a product that would be a better fit for their needs.

Reviews are also commonly found right below the product page to briefly describe how buyers who recently purchased a particular good/service feel about it. For those who do not have the time to read, there is even a rating system. This system which is usually out of 5 stars allows buyers to have a brief understanding of the overall ratings.

The presence of online shopping communities makes us feel that we are never alone while shopping for our next item online. They have brought about the ease of sharing the latest deals and promo codes with one another. Many experienced online shoppers will always look out for these codes to save that extra buck. Next, the constant interactions between sellers and buyers via online chat channels or between different buyers via reviews have allowed us to have a clearer picture of our purchases-to-be. Gone are the days when we get paranoid about not receiving our stuff in the yesteryear of online shopping.

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