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Himalaya Salt Candy: An Honest Review

Himalaya Salt Candy Review
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Recently, we have come across this new hype, Himalaya Salt candy. We were curious why are people so obsessed with this candy and clearing the aisles as soon as it is filled up at the supermarket. We decided to give it a go ourselves and do an honest review.


One small packet cost $1.00, with 6 tablets inside. This means that one tablet cost about $0.16, which is pretty expensive for candies.

Protip: You can battle the jam and cross the causeway to sweep these off the shelves. We only managed to find it in a pharmacy store, and it cost RM1.50 per packet. Cash is king.

First Look at Himalaya Salt Candy

Looks of Himalaya Salt Outlook

Well, it seems nothing fanciful, just a regular round looking slightly yellowish candy. Nothing special there. At least it doesn’t look unappetising.


Of course, the most crucial thing will be taste. When you put it in your mouth, and once it starts dissolving, you will immediately taste a burst of saltiness. Well, it’s salt after all, which is what anyone would expect from it. You will continue to experience this saltiness until the candy fully dissolves. At the same time, your throat will also have a very cooling sensation, just like when you are eating Strepsils or those minty candies.

I think what makes this candy massively popular is the after effect. It is very addicting! 30 minutes to 1 hour later, you will be craving for another tablet again. So you reach for another tablet, and the whole cycle continues. To sum up, this candy just let you taste lots of salts.

Important Pointers

Important Pointers from over consuminng Himalaya Salt

Image Source: Pexels

While it is delicious, it is crucial to keep your addiction under control if you are into this. Overconsumption of this will definitely increase your risk of hypertension, diabetes and blood pressure. Let’s admit it, there is very little nutritional value in this, and ingesting too much sodium and sugar is never a good thing. (Each tablet weighs about 2.5g, and the sugar content is 2g, while sodium make up 19.7 mg)

Another thing is that some of us also made additional trips to the toilet after eating this. We are not sure the cause of this, but it could be due to some side effect we are not aware of. We are not discouraging you from eating this, but as always: Eat in moderation.



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