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Hsinchu Coastal Trail: Perfect No-Hassle Itinerary 2022

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For many of us who have been to Taiwan, you would have probably visited Ximending in Taipei, or perhaps Hualian. If you are considering somewhere different for a day trip, you may consider heading down to Hsinchu, the windy city of Taiwan. One of the recommended activities is to cycle along the 17km Hsinchu Coastal Trail.

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Hsinchu Coastal Trail 1

Sounds exciting, but how do I start?

Heading down to Hsinchu is easy, there are buses available from Taipei Main Station, or you can take the High-Speed Railway. Once you are there, you can take an Uber to Nanliao Beach. Over there, there are a few bike rental shops you can choose to rent a bike from. There are 2 categories of bikes, electric or manual. There are a variety of bikes to choose from, from 1 seater to 6 seater versions. If you plan to travel the whole path, it will be 34km in total, so think carefully!

What’s there to see?

Along this 17km trail, you will mostly be travelling the coastline. The path is clearly marked on the road for most sections, and most of the road is bike only, so you do not have to worry about other vehicles. Throughout your journey, you will be able to see beaches, seawalls, windfarms, forested paths and many more. You will get to see a lot in a short time. If you are planning just to relax, you can consider getting the electric bikes and cruise along the road and take photos. For a manual cyclist, fear not as you can stop at the side or the many bridges you will pass through to rest and snap some photos. Additionally, this trail is also a well-known spot to see the sunset!

Hsinchu Coastal Trail 2

The whole journey will take approximately 3 hours if you are renting the electric bike (which is slower than the manual version) with breaks in between. When you are heading back, there is also some excellent seafood at Nanliao beach.

Hsinchu Coastal Trail 3

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Whether you are a solo traveller, couple, family or travelling with friends, the Hsinchu Coastal Trail is definitely for everyone, and we highly recommend it!

Hsinchu Taiwan Coastal Trail


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