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Ultimate Travel Guide: 4 Essentials You Need When Travelling Overseas

Ultimate Travel Guide: 4 Essentials You Need When Travelling Overseas
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Have you ever faced a dilemma on what you need to pack for your upcoming trip? Well, look no further!

In this article, we have created the ultimate packing list of essentials needed for your future trips! So get ready with your pen and paper as we dive into the essentials for your next overseas trip!

Travel Insurance

Health is wealth and when it comes to travelling overseas, travel insurance is essential for your safety. In

Insurance covers loss of personal belongings, medical expenses, and even COVID-19-related issues.

Furthermore, delays in your flight or even worse, last-minute cancellations to your flight will be heartbreaking. But with travel insurance, you can claim back the expenses you paid for the trip!

Overall, no matter how frugal your upcoming trip is, making sure that you are insured overseas is an essential option to keep yourself free from expensive medications and worry-free about losing your belongings!

Buying An eSIM Plan

Imagine landing in a new country and not needing to search for a local SIM card vendor. With eSIM, you can activate a mobile plan before entering your flight. This means you’re connected the moment you touch down. 

No more fiddling with your tiny SIM cards and the tiny pin to push through the hole, or worrying about losing them.

Currently, there are many ways to buy an e-sim. Although you can directly buy from your local telco store online, the price of the e-sim may be quite expensive or may not cover the number of days. 

To get the best deals, you can try out e-sim local dealers like! They offer a wide range of e-sims across the globe and will cater to your needs! 

So if you’re travelling to countries around Asia like Korea or Japan, or even Europe and more, NOSIM will be able to provide you with the essential e-sim needed for your trip!

Universal Travel Adaptor

We all know the struggles of dealing with different plugs and sockets when you’re travelling  That is why the travel adaptor is your next essential packing list! 

Besides travelling to countries like Malaysia, Brunei, Hong Kong, and the UK, you will need a travel Adaptor! 

Look to opt for Travel Adaptors with higher power delivery and built-in USB or Type C ports so that you do not need to bring an extra socket head to charge your phone!

Compression Cubes

Don’t let your clothes take up all your space for those overseas goodies! Compression cubes can help you to reduce the space needed in your luggage!

Not only will it help you to reduce space, but it can also help you to separate the clean and dirty clothes when travelling back! So no more fumbling with random plastic bags from grocery stores or shops!

Multi-Currency Card

Singapore has become a cashless society for several years now and fin-tech apps have been thriving during this revolution. A YouTrip card can save you so much time and money instead!

Cash is King but remember that cash also means you need to carry a huge stack overseas! With that being said, you will definitely need to prepare to safe-keep your money as you travel around.

YouTrip boasts 0% transaction fees in 150+ currencies.

So say goodbye to your bank credit cards and money changers as you go free and easy on your YouTrip card when you purchase overseas!

First time hearing about YouTrip? Try using GSF5 when you apply for your first YouTrip Card here and enjoy $5 credit into your app! With that being said, worry less when going overseas!

Toiletries Bags

If you’re booking an Airbnb, chances are they would not provide the same toiletries essentials as hotels. So bringing a Toiletries bag would be the most essential item on your packing list!

‘What should I pack inside?’ Well, it’s simple! You can just prepare the essentials like your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste and toothbrush and maybe for those with sensitive skin, moisturiser!

Tip: If you’re buying a toiletries bag for your next trip, get a waterproof one! Practicality is more important than aesthetics! 

Staying Connected On Your Travels

These essentials will not only assist you with your flights but will save the hassles and time wasted when travelling! So make sure you have all these ready for your next flight and happy travels!

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