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Based on the data gathered from SimilarWeb and compiled by ECOMMERCEIQ, these are the top three e-commerce websites which are widely used in Singapore: Qoo10, Lazada and Zalora (EcommerceIQ, 2017). Of course, you might have also used some of the popular e-Commerce websites such as TaoBao and AliExpress, and cashback services like ShopBack.

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Image Source: Tech in Asia, 2015

The e-Commerce websites that are commonly used in Singapore are Qoo10, AliExpress and Lazada.

Coupons & Discounts

Today, we are going to share with you on how to fully make use of coupons, discounts and promotion codes to save money on Qoo10 & Lazada.


1)    Qpoints

These are the rewards that can be earned to save some bucks off your cart.

  1. The seller can give you a rebate after you have successfully purchased their products
  2. Qoo10 will reward you with some Qpoints once you have confirmed your delivery

Every 100 Qpoints is equivalent to SGD$1. You can use these Qpoints before you checkout. However, there is a limit that you can deduct from your total payment; capped at 30% of your total payment within 500 Qpoints.

For instance, if you have 1000 Qpoints and purchased:

  • $2 product including shipping fee; you cannot use any Qpoints.
  • $10 product including shipping fee; a maximum of 300 Qpoints can be used.
  • $30 product including shipping fee; a maximum of 500 Qpoints can be used, instead of 900Qpoints.

Image 1 below is a sample screenshot of how you would use your Qpoints to offset your payments:

Usage of Qpoints before checking out at Qoo10

Image 1 – Usage of Qpoints before checking out at Qoo10

2)    Coupons

There are a few types of membership in Qoo10. Depending on your membership level, you can claim certain coupons every month. Your membership is based on your credit points and the total amount of purchases you had made within the past three months. The screenshot below describes the membership level and credit points system for Qoo10:

Membership levels in qoo10

Image 2 – Membership Levels in Qoo10

3) Daily Attendance & Roulette Q

Every day you can head over to Qoo10 to take your daily attendance via this webpage or via the mobile application to get a Q-ticket. A Q-ticket is also given when you complete an order. Each day, you can use up to 3 Q-tickets to spin the “Roulette Q” to win prizes such as the $2 cart coupon, Qpoints and gift cards.

Every week, you will receive additional Qpoints rewards when you have completed the attendance records each row in the Attendance Card as shown in the screenshot below:

Daily Attendance Card & Roulette Q in Qoo10 Webpage

Image 3 – Daily Attendance Card & Roulette Q in Qoo10 Webpage

You may find the attendance card and Qlounge in the mobile application as shown in the screenshot below:

Image 4 – Attendance Card & Roulette Q in Mobile Application

Image 4 – Attendance Card & Roulette Q in Mobile Application


Lazada puts up promotion code on their homepage to provide extra savings for shoppers. For instance, as of 06 January 2018, Lazada provides a 15% off capped at $6 exclusively for DBS/POSB card members only.

Lazada Promotion Code for DBS POSB Card Members Example

Image 5 – An example of promotion code given by Lazada for DBS/POSB card members

Previously, Lazada also provides promotion code that can be used on a certain day of the week. In addition, you can source for other hidden promotion codes if you are a CitiBank, HSBC or Mastercard card holder from websites like picodi, collectoffers and CUPONATION.

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ShopBack RebatesShopBack bottom Banner

Image 6 – ShopBack’s bottom banner

On top of the coupons and promotion codes, you can save more money by getting cashback on your online purchases. ShopBack allows you to get rebates on the successful online orders that you had made thru from its website. Qoo10 and Lazada are part of them. The rebate percentage depends on the web store and the product category that you are going to purchase from.

ShopBack Categories

ShopBack can be used in these main categories:

  • Food (e.g. Deliveroo, FoodPanda, UberEats)
  • Rides (e.g. Grab, Uber)
  • Flights (e.g. Scoot, AirAsiaGo,, Expedia, Singapore Airlines Visa)
  • Shopping (e.g. Qoo10, Lazada, AliExpress, Shopee, eBay)
  • Groceries (e.g. honestbee, GoFresh)
  • Hotel (e.g.,, Expedia)
  • Beauty (e.g. Sephora, iHerb, Guardian)
  • Fashion (e.g. Zalora, Nike, Charles & Keith)

You can explore more discounts and offers for over 500 web stores.

CashBack’s Dashboard

ShopBack users’ homepage includes several sections about your CashBack details from the source of your orders to the payment of your redemption.


The pending section shows a list of pending redeemable rebates that you have recently purchased from, and it shows you the number of days left that you can redeem your cashback:

ShopBack Pending Tab

Image 7 – ShopBack’s pending tab


Your redeemable rebates will have to wait for at least 180 days to ensure that the order made is successful. After which, you can proceed to payout the amount to your payment account. Do note that the total redeemable must be at least $10. The screenshot below display entries of redeemable from your recent orders made and the amount of cashback that you will be rewarded:

Image 8 - ShopBack's redeemable tab

Image 8 – ShopBack’s redeemable tab


An example of rejected entries from unsuccessful orders which are cancelled by the shopper as shown in the screenshot below:

Image 9 - ShopBack's rejected tab

Image 9 – ShopBack’s rejected tab

Here is an example of an order that is being cancelled, which you will not be able to claim any cashback for it:

Image 10 – Rejected cashback from ShopBack

Image 10 – Rejected cashback from ShopBack


The entries shown below are examples of the payout history with the date, time and cashback amount that were made to your payment account:

Image 11 - ShopBack's payout tab

Image 11 – ShopBack’s payout tab

Click History

ShopBack keeps tracks of the clicks that you had made on the online store as shown in the example below:

Image 12 - ShopBack's click history tab

Image 12 – ShopBack’s click history tab

CASHBACK BUDDY Chrome Extension

For Windows Chrome users, you may use the Chrome Extension to follow your click and order transactions better. It is critical to read the instructions and notes on how to use it correctly. Otherwise, there will be a high chance that your purchases would not be recorded and registered into their database. Click here to find out more about the proper usage of the Chrome’s extension and how to install it on your Chrome browser.

ShopBack for Android and Apple Users

If you had directly made your online orders via Qoo10 or Lazada’s mobile application instead of the web application, your cashback would not be valid nor redeemable. Instead, make your online purchases from ShopBack’s mobile application which is available for Android and Apple users.

More from ShopBack (Referral Earning)

You can refer your family members, relatives or friends to use ShopBack to earn referral when they sign up and make purchases.

Referral rewards from ShopBack (as of 06 Jan 2018)

Image 13 – Referral rewards from ShopBack (retrieved on 06 January 2018)


It has always been very convenient for customers to make their online orders. To encourage customers to make more decisive, better and smarter decisions, e-Commerce websites have come up with various type of coupons, discounts and other rewards. We need to keep a look out for these deals so that we can save more to buy more.

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