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Say Goodbye to Cloning: Download Single Folders from GitHub Repositories with These 3 Methods

Say Goodbye to Cloning Download Single Folders from GitHub Repositories with These 3 Methods Cover
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Are you tired of feeling weighed down by the enormity of GitHub repositories? Have you ever found yourself cursing under your breath as you clone an entire repository on GitHub Desktop just to get access to a single folder?

You’re not alone. Sometimes, you just need a specific folder or file from a GitHub repository, and cloning the entire repository seems unnecessary.

Fear not, dear reader, for there are easier and quicker ways to download directories and single folders from GitHub Repositories.

Method 1: Download-directory

The first method is by using This website lets you download any folder or directory from a GitHub repository by simply entering the URL of the folder. Once you’ve entered the URL, the download will begin almost immediately (unless the folder you’ve selected is kinda huge). This is a great option if you just need a single folder and don’t want to clone the entire repository.

Method 2: DownGit

Another popular method for downloading directories and single folders from Github repositories is by using

This website lets you download any file, folder, or directory from a GitHub repository. All you need to do is paste the URL of the file, folder, or directory you want to download and click on the Download button. You can also choose to download the file or create a download link for your fellow colleagues/teammates.

Method 3: GitZip for Github

If you’re using a Chromium browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as your browser, you can also use a browser extension called GitZip for Github (Chrome Link Here). This extension lets you download any file or folder from a GitHub repository by simply checking the checkbox or double-clicking on the empty part of an item. This is a quick and easy way to download files and folders without having to open a tab.

But do bear in mind that having too many browser extensions can be quite frustrating due to the amount of bloat the browser already has.

Personally, the Guidesify team would still prefer using Download-directory or DownGit. But to each his own.

[UPDATE: GitZip for GitHub is also available as a FireFox Addon.}

Don’t let the immensity of GitHub repositories bring you down.

Downloading directories and single folders from GitHub repositories is a breeze with the right tools. Whether you prefer using a website or a browser extension, there are plenty of options available to make downloading specific files and folders from GitHub repositories easier than ever before.

So, next time you only need a single folder from a repository, don’t waste time cloning the entire repository – just use one of these methods to download the specific file or folder you need.

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