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Asia’s Most Stunning Golf Courses

asias most stunning golf courses
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For fans of the PGA, Singapore is an excellent destination. Not only is the city-nation home to the administrative body of the Asian Tour, but it’s got more than a handful of spectacular golf courses.

There’s Marina Bay Golf Course, the only 18-hole public golf course on the island. The location is convenient for visitors staying in the Marina Bay area to visit and play a round of golf or simply practice at the 4-tier driving range. Then there are other beginner-friendly courses, such as the Champions Public Golf Course, which offers engaging lessons for people of all ages.

However, when it comes to golfing in Asia, Singapore is only one of many worthy destinations. Beyond the busy skyline, there are countless other reputable and breathtaking courses. Unfortunately for those who follow the Asian Tour this year, there have been fewer forays in stunning greens than fans are used to.

The Asian Tour’s last event, the Bandar Malaysia Open, was held in March at the Kota Permai Golf Club. Since then, fans in Asia have had to catch up on the PGA Tour or the Japan Golf Tour remotely. In the US, some sports betting sites offer sign-up bonuses for those looking to watch and wager on the upcoming Masters Tournament from home, while the Japan Tour has a packed schedule with events every weekend for those who miss the greens.

While fans wait for the US Masters Tournament (November) or for the upcoming Japan Open Golf Championship (October), it’s a great time to revisit some of the world’s most stunning golf courses—all a short flight from Singapore.

Top 5 Destinations for Golf-Lovers

Els Club Teluk Datai, Malaysia

Image Source: Golf Digest

Teluk Datai is one of two courses offered by the Malaysian golf club known as Els Club. While there’s a second course located on the Desaru Coast in peninsular Malaysia, it’s the Els Club’s Rainforest Course on Langkawi that truly stuns.

 The Teluk Datai Rainforest Course is a treat for nature lovers with a bag of clubs strung over their shoulder. The surrounding areas are home to primary rainforest that’s protected by the club.

The greens are surrounded by the Andaman Sea, which helps add to the allure of natural wonder. People may come for the course here, but they’ll stay for the natural splendours that surround them.

Fuchun Resort, China

Image Source: Asian Golf Construction

Located in Hangzhou, China, the Fuchun Resort is an all-around experience. Located around Lake Lounge, the hills and surrounding forest add to an otherworldly course.

Not only do the natural wonders of the Lake Lounge area add to the allure of the resort’s putting greens, but visitors also won’t sacrifice on being near a major metropolitan area. The Fuchun Resort truly offers the best of both worlds—big city lifestyle with that calm, natural serenity that golfers treasure.

Laguna Lang Cô, Vietnam

Image Source: Golf Asian

Owned by one of the premier resort and destination curators in Asia, the Banyan Tree Group, this course is a top-notch experience. Dedicated solely to providing the best for golfers, Laguna Lang Co is located beachside.

 The courses have been meticulously designed by course architects to deliver a truly professional experience. In fact, Lang Co was chosen for the 2020 7th Annual Club Championship competition.

Yongpyong Resort, South Korea

Image Source:

As the northernmost course on this list, keep in mind that any trips to the Yongpyong Resort will need to be scheduled during warmer months. During the winter, the resort functions as a premier skiing destination.

The Yongpyong Golf Club (as part of the resort) benefits greatly from the higher altitude. This is one of the only locations in the world where golfers can expect to be driving balls into cumulus clouds drifting through the golf course.

Otago Golf Club, New Zealand

Image Source: Otago Golf Club

Although this golf club is located a bit farther than the rest on this list, a trip to the Otago courses can easily be added on to other New Zealand itineraries for travellers. As part of the Balmacewen course, the Otago Golf Club is a putting green for professionals only.

 Much like Lang Co, Otago has been designed with die-hard golfers in mind. The greens can be explored online through an interactive format, which is recommended. The surrounding hills are heavily forested, making this course seem dreamy, much like the Yongpyong course.


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