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Top 4 Stores Every Pokemon TCG Collectors Must Visit While In Shinjuku, Tokyo

Top 4 Stores Every Pokemon TCG Collectors Must Visit While In Shinjuku, Tokyo
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Tokyo is one of the dream destinations for many people to travel to.

Whether you’re interested in anime & manga or just Japanese culture in general, Tokyo is a great place to visit, especially for groups of friends.

With its superb public transport, high standards of safety, as well as many destinations that seemingly has something for anyone, it’s hard not to enjoy a trip to Tokyo.

Out of the 23 wards in Tokyo, Shinjuku is one of the best areas to visit if you’re looking for entertainment and nightlife.

If you’re perhaps someone who collects Pokemon TCG cards, however, being in Japan means it’s an opportunity to get cheaper and rare Pokemon TCG cards!

So, here are 4 stores that you should make a stop at while enjoying your visit to the entertainment district of Shinjuku!

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1. Amenity Dream Shinjuku

Source: Amenities Dream Shinjuku

Our first stop will take you to a branch of well-known Japanese card store, located north of Shinjuku station. If you’re coming from the station, look for exit D5 and exit from there.

Once you’re out of the station, walk north along the main road until you reach a building called Hinode Building, where you’ll find a MOS Burger outlet on the ground floor.

From outside it’s quite obscure as the signages will be in Japanese, but head inside the building via the entrance next to MOS Burger and head up to the 4th floor, where you’ll be able to find the Amenity Dreams store.

Here, you can find a decent variety of single Pokemon TCG cards as well as some booster packs so they have a bit of everything for everyone.

2. Fullcomp Shinjuku

Source: Full Comp

For our next store, it’s located within walking distance from Amenity Dreams, however, it will take you to cross some streets so you can head back into the subway to avoid crossing streets.

From inside the subway, head to exit 5 and once you’re out of there, head south and turn eastward upon reaching the main road.

Continue walking east until you reach the building as seen above. From the outside, you will be able to see the Fullcomp logo denoted by its red and yellow colours.

Head inside the building and you’ll be able to find Fullcomp Shinjuku branch on the 3rd floor.

As with any other Fullcomp branch in Japan, you’ll be able to find an assortment of singles including both vintage and modern as well as Pokemon TCG gacha machines if that’s what you’re into.

3. Yellow Submarine Shinjuku

Source: Yellow Submarine Shinjuku Gameshop

For our next store, backtrack to Shinjuku station Exit 5 from Fullcomp and this time, continue heading north along Nibangai Street where you’ll pass through a 4-point intersection and a 3-point intersection in that order.

Upon reaching another 4-point intersection, turn eastward along Chuo-dori Street and in a couple of blocks, you’ll be greeted by the building above.

This store is quite hard to miss as you’ll easily see the Yellow Submarine sign outside of the building, where you can then just head in and head to the 2nd floor to find the store.

Yellow Submarine is a well-known hobby store which has many branches all across Japan. Although they sell quite a wide variety of items, ranging from Gundam to manga, they also sell different TCG cards and items, including Pokemon TCG.

In this store, you can find a quite a number of single Pokemon TCG cards but as stocks vary from store to store, you may find some sealed products should they be in stock.

4. Bookoff Shinjuku

Source: BOOKOFF Shinjuku Station West Exit Store

Finally, our last store will take us just a few blocks and an intersection crossing just east of Yellow Submarine Shinjuku.

To get to Bookoff, just continue heading east along Chuo-dori Street and you’ll be able to easily find the building. You can even see the logo of Bookoff from outside Yellow Submarine.

Once you’ve found the entrance to the building as seen in the picture above, just enter and get up to the 3rd floor. The store itself spans from the 3rd floor to the 6th floor but perhaps you should start from the 3rd floor to explore the whole store.

This is a massive hobby store selling all sorts of things including old console games and plushies, bigger than Yellow Submarine, so you can ask for directions if you’d like to get straight into finding the Pokemon TCG products.

If you’re a fan of Pokemon and not just the TCG part of it, you can find a wide assortment of Pokemon merchandise and plushies, like Pikachu plushies.

As for Pokemon TCG products, you can find a lot of singles and some sealed products however the main draw to this store would be the rarer and vintage cards as they buy and sell cards from people so you can try your luck to hunt for some of the rarest singles in this store!

Though Shinjuku doesn’t have that many places to get Pokemon TCG items from, we hope that you’ve found some places worth adding to your travel itinerary in Shinjuku and hope you have a pleasant trip! 😺

If you plan on travelling to other districts and cities in Japan, perhaps you’d like to see some more places to visit. Read our article here for the 9 places in Nagoya where you can buy Pokemon TCG products.

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