Top 5 Must Visit Stores For Pokemon TCG Collectors Visiting Sapporo, Hokkaido

Top 5 Must Visit Stores For Pokemon TCG Collectors Visiting Sapporo, Hokkaido
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Being the northernmost island of Japan, Sapporo, Hokkaido is a travel destination which is perfect for visitors interested in Japanese culture and its natural beauty.

This city, renowned for its annual Snow Festival, offers a wide variety of activities for nature lovers of any kind. Here, you can go for a skiing session, marvel at the sight of cherry blossoms 🌸 during its season, or simply enjoy the hot springs.

Those who are interested in indulging in a unique culinary experience can taste the one and only Sapporo ramen, perhaps the world’s creamiest soft-serve ice cream, and the many natural bounties like sweet corn, sweet potatoes, and Yubari melons proudly grown in Hokkaido. 😝

For Pokemon TCG collectors, as with being in any other location in Japan, however, here’s yet another chance to widen your collection!

Let’s dive into the 5 stores that Pokemon TCG collectors should visit while marvelling at the beautiful scenery of Sapporo, Hokkaido.

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1. Mandrake Sapporo

Source: Mandarake

Our first stop is located south of the main Sapporo station. To get here from Sapporo station, you can take the Sapporo municipal subway down to Susukino Station.

From the station, exit via exit 2 and walk along Tsukisamu-dori Street westward and head north at the first intersection you come across. From there, stop at the first intersection you come across and head inside Norbesa Mall.

Once inside, you can take the escalator to the 2nd floor and should immediately be able to find the Mandrake Sapporo store.

Like most other Mandrake branches in Japan, this store specialises in vintage single cards where some of them come as a set with their sealed products so you’re in luck if you’re looking for vintages.

2. Surugaya Sapporo

Source: Surugaya Specialty Store

For our next store, if you’re already in the Norbesa Mall from visiting Mandrake, you’re in luck because this next store, Surugaya is also located within the same mall.

Just make your way to the 3rd floor and this one should be quite hard to miss with all its blue and yellow decor. 🔵

This store proves to be a must-visit for Pokemon TCG collectors who are visiting Sapporo as they have a huge collection of Pokemon TCG products.

Not only do they have a huge collection of both modern and vintage singles but they also have a respectable collection of sealed Japanese booster boxes.

While the condition of their singles is mostly great, being mostly near mint, they do have sort of a discount section where they sell singles with worse conditions at a lower price.

3. Batoloco Sapporo

Source: Batorokosapporotanukikoji

The next store will take you for a short walk, where once you’re back outside of Norbesa Mall, head north and then continue north at the first intersection. 

Then, turn eastward when the road is intersected by a sheltered street meant for pedestrians. This is where you’ll find yourself in the famous Tanuki Koji Shopping district of Sapporo.

Walk east along this sheltered street where you’ll pass by many stores until you reach the location as seen above. Go inside this building via the entrance with the one that says “ARCHE”  

Inside, head to the 4th floor and this is where you’ll find the Batoloco store, with its big orange gradient logo outside. 🍊

In this store, you’ll be able to find some booster packs as well as a wide variety of mostly modern singles.

4. Yellow Submarine Sapporo

Source: Yellow Submarine Sapporo Game Shop

Lucky for you, the ARCHE building with Batoloco contains another store on our list, which is Yellow Submarine.

Also being located on the 4th floor, you can walk about and spotting this store should be no issue with its bright yellow exterior. 🟡

In this store, you’ll find a wide variety of mostly modern singles, including SAR cards of both popular trainers and Pokemon alike as well as some interesting alternate art cards all sold at respectable prices.

5. Toreka Base Sapporo

Source: トレカベース札幌狸小路店

To get to our next and final store for today, exit the ARCHE building and once you’re back in the sheltered walkway with all the stores, head east and cross the main road onto the other side of the Tanuki Koji shopping street.

After one or two shops, on the south side (right-hand side when facing east), you’ll be able to find Toreka Base which you can identify with the cute Tanuki logo as seen above. 🐼

In this store, you’ll be able to find a large collection of exclusively PSA 10-graded slabs as well as a respectable collection of sealed Japanese booster boxes and booster packs.

And that’s all for today’s top 5 stores that Pokemon TCG Collectors can visit to expand their collection while visiting the beautiful Sapporo, Hokkaido.

We hope that you’ll enjoy the natural beauty of Hokkaido, its unique and tasty culinary goodness, and of course, the good prices that you can fetch for Pokemon TCG items! 🤑

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