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The Best 2022 Phones for Gamers

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Playing games on mobile phones has been a thing ever since the introduction of Snake on the Nokia 3310s. Nowadays, it is possible to play anything from Candy Crush to Fornite, Call of Duty, and virtual Black Jack. 

While it might seem more comfortable to opt for portable consoles such as Nintendo Switch or Apple’s iPad Air, there are several phones that are just as capable of providing an excellent gaming experience. Such dedicated phones will allow you to play for hours seamlessly. In what follows, we discuss the top devices, which are widely talked about in casino game blogs, gaming forums, and pretty much everywhere on the internet. 

Features that a good gaming smartphone should have 

Generally speaking, smartphones come in handy in most daily activities, with iGaming being just one of them. Yet, the fact of the matter is that you don’t need a very powerful RAM memory to play the best games on the market today. Essentially, you’ll need at least 8GB of RAM and a few additional features listed below:

  • A good screen, which is neither too small nor too large so that the graphics can be appreciated without any problem;
  • A 5000mAh battery designed to have a long life; 
  • The ability to attach accessories, which is a feature highly demanded by users of these types of devices;
  • Powerful chipsets that help to have gameplay at the highest level.

You might be wondering whether all of the above is actually necessary. In short: yes, it is. If you stick to the features of a conventional cell phone, the gaming experience will not be complete. The frames per second (FPS) of the game will be lower and the phone can be overloaded and the battery life will run out sooner than expected. 

In any case, the gameplay must be smooth and complete and in that mobile gaming is an expert. Game developers know about this modality and that is why they are increasingly thinking about mobile users when creating their action games, slot machines, arcade games, skill games, fighting games, or sports games. These types of devices have been on the market for years, but it is in recent times that they are becoming not only more popular, but also necessary. 

The best phones in 2022

It is not easy to make a list and select a few, since new and more powerful models are released from time to time; most are more interesting than their predecessors. With that said, here are several options you may want to look at: 

ASUS ROG Phone 5

The ASUS ROG Phone 5 is clearly on the winning podium. With brilliant software and hardware, this phone offers a neat design, an indispensable FullHD+ resolution, and a maximum refresh rate of 144 Hz. 

Nubia RedMagic 6

The Nubia RedMagic 6 is ASUS ROG Phone 5’s most direct rival. RedMagic has been betting on gaming mobiles for years. This model along with the ASUS ROG Phone 5 share similar lengths and weights, inspiring curiosity in users who aren’t familiar with this new generation of smartphones. 

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Our list wouldn’t be complete without the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Heavy and elongated like its podium mates, the device is perfect for iGaming albeit slightly more focused on design and photography. 

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