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Tiger Brokers Promo Code 2023 & Review

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Tiger Brokers, one of the newer brokerage firms in Singapore, has grown extremely quickly, to one of the best in the country. This did not happen by chance. Psst… TLDR; here’s what you are here for, a Tiger Brokers promo code (GUIDESIFY) that gives a little extra than the usual.

Disclaimer: The information is presented in a digestible format for the layman, and it may change from time to time and/or can be different from the official site of Tiger Brokers due to timing discrepancies. Although the summary of the brokerage is based on our own objective analysis, you are recommended to seek advice from a professional.

Guidesify X Tiger Brokers Exclusive Promo (Referral Code: GUIDESIFY)

With the exclusive code GUIDESIFY, you are entitled to all the benefits of the latest promotion from Tiger Brokers plus an additional SGD 20 Stock Voucher upon the first deposit of USD1,000.

E.g., at the time of writing, using the code will grant:

  • 1 Grab share,
  • Zero commissions (180 days for US, 1 year for CN A-shares, SG, HK) which is upgradable to lifetime upon referring a friend,
  • SGD 88 cash bonus, and
  • An extra SGD 20 stock voucher.

Now, back to the review.

Tiger Broker vs Other Brokers

When we compare Tiger Brokers to a few of its biggest competitors like TD Ameritrade and Interactive Brokers, few advantages clearly stand out:

  • Significantly lower commission fees and $0 minimum Funding – The commission fees charged by Tiger Brokers, is 0.06% of the Singapore stocks. This is a much lower fee than what is charged by its competitors which can be as high as 0.17% – 0.22%. For US Stocks, Tiger charges a flat fee of US$1.99 per trade.
  • Easy to use Interface – Trading can be a rather difficult to understand process for many of us, making us hesitant to venture into it. However, the UI offered by Tiger Broker makes this process extremely simple and effective for each one of us.
  • Superior Customer Service – One of the biggest differentiating factors of Tiger Broker is the seamless customer service offered. It is available round the clock to answer any of our questions and clear any doubts we may have.
  • Plethora of Data – Proper availability and analysis of data, is one of the foremost requisites for trading. Tiger Broker always has a huge quantity of data available for use by its customers of all skill levels, to improve their experience and knowledge of trading.

Key Features of Tiger Broker

1. Number of Stock Exchanges available to trade on, including the NASDAQ and London Stock Exchange

2. Seamless availability of both the desktop and mobile app, to trade on. You can trade from anywhere you want to.

3. It also supports multiple currencies, with the availability of an in-app currency converter.

4. Real-time price quotes, trading charts and other required data, are all available in the app for the use of the customer.

5. As mentioned above, Tiger Brokers Singapore offer complementary real-time market data, something unheard of in most if not all brokers. This includes access to Level 1 Singapore stock market data, Level 2 New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) market data, and level 2+ market data in the OTC markets. All for free.

Sign Up Process

The user interface is extremely simple, making the onboarding process simple and effective. All you need to do is upload the requisite documents (none with SingPass via MyInfo) and allow the company 24 hours to approve the account. You can then start trading as and when you want to.

Is Tiger Brokers Singapore Safe?

It may be a new brokerage in Singapore, consumers are protected by Singapore’s regulatory requirements and Tiger is in full compliance:

  • Tiger Brokers holds a Capital Markets Services Licence under the Securities and Futures Act (Cap.289) issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). In short, they are licensed by the MAS.
  • It is approved as a Clearing Member and Depository Agent of the Central Depository (CDP) as of 10 November 2021. Customers will need to link the account with their CDP Securities Account before starting to trade via Tiger Brokers.
  • As with all brokers, 2FA is available as an extra layer of account protection.
  • Deposit / withdrawal notifications and anti-fraud measures are in place to make sure activity on the accounts are tracked and used fairly.

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