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Top 7 Must Visit Pokemon TCG Card Stores With Great Prices in Akihabara, Japan

Top 7 Must Visit Pokemon TCG Card Stores With Great Prices in Akihabara, Japan
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Akihabara, also known as the “Electric Town” located in Tokyo, Japan is one of the best places to visit in Japan, especially for Otakus or people who simply love Japanese media in general.

It’s a perfect place for anyone looking for Japanese games, anime merchandise and themed dining establishments, mangas, and of course: Pokemon TCG cards. 🎴

If you are a collector or someone who invests in Pokemon TCG cards and you happen to be in Akihabara, this is a great opportunity for you to shop for some Japanese cards!

Whether you’re looking to buy singles, sealed products (boosters, boxes, tins) or even PSA-graded slabs, making a stop at some of the stores in Akihabara during your trip is bound to be worth your time.

So, get ready to take a pleasant walk along the pleasant shopping districts of Akihabara and find the 7 Pokemon TCG stores that we recommend you visit!

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1. Cherumo Akihabara

Source: Cherumo Akihabara

Our first stop will be the northernmost store on this list, Cherumo Akihabara. Located in an alley to the north of Kuramaebashi Dori Avenue, this store is a little hidden.

From the outside, you’ll be able to see Tokeiya, a dining establishment selling Chinese food. Cherumo is located within this building, so you can go inside and take an elevator or climb the stairs to the level the store is located at.

For those taking the subway, this store is located near Suehirocho Station, so alight there and this store is just a few minutes walk away.

While this store sells some other products, it mostly sells Pokemon TCG items so you’ll be able to find a wide variety of Pokemon TCG products, including booster boxes, packs, and more.

This store even sells PSA-graded slabs so if that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll find a wide variety of graded slabs here.

They also have a wide variety of singles with a wide price range from those priced at less than ¥100 up to those priced at hundreds of thousands of yen. 🤑

One thing to take note of, they even have a collection of vintage cards (those with the Pocket Monsters back) sold for ¥550 so come here if vintage cards are what you’re looking for!

2. Nin Nin Akihabara

Source: ニンニン 秋葉原店 ポケモンカード専門店

Our next store is just slightly south of the previous one, Cherumo Akihabara, where you’ll have to cross the Kuramaebashi Dori Avenue and you’ll find the store along the main road of KuramaeiBashi Dori Avenue.

Look for a building called Fuji Building and you’ll be able to find Nin Nin Akihabara on the second floor of the building.

In this store, they don’t seem to sell sealed products, however, they have a large collection of singles. Notably, they have a huge collection of vintage cards on sale, as well as some more modern cards and even PSA-graded slabs. 😻

3. Surugaya Akihabaratoreka Bodogemukan

Source: Surugaya Akihabaratoreka Bodogemukan

Next on our list, we will go further down south to find Surugaya Akihabara.

Located at an intersection of alleys, this store is very hard to miss with all the blue signages and it the store being the main display of the building. 🔷

Although they sell a wide variety of board games and other products, they do have a respectable collection of vintage Pokemon TCG cards so visit them if you’re looking for those!

4. Otachu Akihabara 

Source: おたちゅう。秋葉原2号店トレカ館

The next one is located just a few buildings away from the previous store, Surugaya. As you walk eastwards from Surugaya, you’ll come across a main road and here you can turn right (southwards) and in a minute or two, you’ll find the building where Otachu is.

Outside the building, you’ll find a signage that directs you to the different stores in the building and you can go into the building and take the elevator to the 8th floor, where the store is.

Here, they have quite a variety of Pokemon TCG products, including vintage booster packs as well as a vast collection of vintage singles including those with the Pocket Monsters back.

5. Magi Akihabara

Source: カードショップmagi秋葉原店

From the previous store, Otachu Akihabara, just continue walking down south along the same main road and shortly after crossing an alley, you’ll be able to find this store, Magi.

Head inside the building and you’ll be able to find the store on the 5th floor.

You can find a collection of vintage old back cards, newer modern cards, as well as some sealed products like booster boxes.

6. Card Rush 0 Akihabara

Source: カードラッシュ秋葉原0号店TC

Our next store is located further down South and if you are coming from the previous stores, you might want to consider some form of transport to get here.

If you decide to take the train, this store is just a few minutes walk away from the Akihabara station. Upon exiting the station, you might be able to see the building, Bito Akiba Plaza.

This store is fairly new so while the picture above is not up to date, you will find the store on the 7th floor.

This is one of the most well-known and largest TCG stores so they have a wide variety of other TCG products on sale but their Pokemon TCG collection is quite respectable.

Not only do they have a wide variety of sealed products such as booster boxes but their singles collection is also quite large. Their singles include both vintage and modern cards, as well as a section of various Pikachu singles. ⚡

7. Card Shop Ponpoko

Source: カードショップポンポコ

Located further West of Akihabara Station, along the main road following the Kanda River, this store and its green motif are quite difficult to miss.

Inside, you can find a wide variety of Pokemon TCG products, where if you are looking for sealed products like booster boxes, you’ll find plenty of them.

Well-known booster boxes such as VSTAR Universe and Shiny Treasures booster boxes, as well as many more Japanese booster boxes.

That is all for our recommendations for the 7 Pokemon TCG stores you ought to visit while you’re in Akihabara, Tokyo. Enjoy your trip and may you find all the cards and sealed products that you want! 😀

If you plan to make a trip to Nagoya, we also have some stores to recommend visiting! Read our article here for the 9 stores in Nagoya where you can buy Pokemon TCG products.

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