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Top 9 Pokemon TCG Card Stores With Great Prices You Must Visit In Ikebukuro, Japan

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Ikebukuro, a well-known entertainment and commercial district in the northwestern part of Tokyo proves to be a great place for tourists to visit with friends.

It’s a place that people visit for food, entertainment, nightlife, and all sorts of shopping – including anime and manga stores as well as – you guessed it: Pokemon TCG card stores. 🎴

If you are a Pokemon TCG collector who happens to be visiting Ikebukuro or are planning to visit Tokyo and the surrounding areas, perhaps you’d like to visit some of these card stores.

So, here are 9 card stores that you should consider visiting while you’re in Ikebukuro, where all of them are within walking distance from the Ikebukuro station so your legs will be fine. 

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1. Card Secret Ikebukuro

Source: カードシークレット Card Secret

Our first stop will be the southernmost store on this list, Card Secret Ikebukuro. Located at an intersection of a usually crowded alley, this one is quite hard to miss.

It’s located across Sun Flower Building and it’s within a building where there is a 7-Eleven store on the ground floor.

From there, enter the building by the side (not into the 7-Eleven) and take an elevator or climb up to the 5th floor and you’ll see the shop.

This store is perhaps one of the most complete in terms of its Pokemon TCG collection. 🤩

Whether you’re looking for singles, graded slabs and sealed booster boxes, they have them all.

The singles and PSA-graded slabs collection is so huge that if you’re looking for vintage cards, or modern cards like GX, AR, SAR cards and more, you’ll likely be able to find something that catches your eye.

What’s even more impressive is their sealed product collection. Not only do they have a lot of both vintage and modern Japanese booster boxes and packs, but they also have them in not just English, but also other languages such as Chinese, Indonesian, French, and more. 🌎

On top of that, they even have other vintage official Pokemon merchandise so if that’s something for you, this is certainly the right place for you to visit.

With such an impressive collection, it’ll be a mistake if you’re a Pokemon TCG fan and didn’t visit this store while in Ikebukuro.

2. Hobby Station Ikebukuro

Source: Hobby Station Ikebukuro

Located just a few minutes walk away from Card Secret, you’ll be able to find Hobby Station Ikebukuro on the 7th floor of a building called “Sankee Building”, where there is a FamilyMart convenience store across it.

This store, like other Hobby Station stores, sells a wide variety of singles, where you can find both vintage cards as well as modern ones. ✨

3. Card Rush Ikebukuro

Source: カードラッシュ 池袋店

The next store will take less than 2 minutes of walking from Hobby Station Ikeburo, as you’ll just need to cross the alley onto the side with the FamilyMart and walk a few blocks down the alley.

Right before an intersection, you’ll find the entrance to the building, then you can head in and the store will be located on the 5th floor.

Like Hobby Station, this store sells mostly singles but they do have a wide variety of them sold at decent prices. Although they don’t have a lot of space, this store is known to attract quite a large crowd at times for its size such that it can get overcrowded.

4. Big Magic Ikebukuro

Source: BIGMAGIC池袋店

This store will take you East of the previous 2 stores and will likely take about 5 minutes of walking from either Hobby Station or Card Rush.

Located on the 6th floor, you’ll find Big Magic in a building with an Izakaya restaurant on the ground floor and the entrance to the card store is at the side.

This store offers a respectable collection of all sorts of singles, both vintage and modern, some PSA-graded slabs and sealed boxes including vintage ones.

What’s attractive about this store, however, is the fact that even locals agree that the prices are great so if you’re a tourist looking to pinch your pennies, this is the store to visit! 💰

5. Fullcomp Ikebukuro

Source: Furukonpu Ikebukuroten

From Big Magic, just head north along the alley, go past the first intersection you come across and you’ll find our next store, Fullcomp.

It’s located on the 4th floor of the Sun Rich building, which you can easily identify by its circular structure and a spiral staircase by its side.

Like its other branches, this store mainly sells singles, where although criticised for lacking in variety, some of their modern singles are sold at great prices.

They also have a collection of Pikachu singles for all you Pikachu lovers. ⚡

6. Dragon Star Ikebukuro

Source: Doragonsutaikebukuroten

Our next store will take you for a slightly further walk from the previous one but it’s just down the same alley, where you’ll walk past just one intersection, then past Hotel Grand City and stop right before the next intersection.

From the outside, it might be quite hard to miss as at the time of writing, there are no noticeable signs to show the store, however, just look for a classy brown-coloured building with a FamilyMart on the ground floor then enter the building and head to the 4th floor.

Here, you’ll once again find a decent collection of modern singles, especially AR and SAR ones, including really rare ones sold at respectable prices.

What’s more, is that they also have a discount corner where you can even find some rare ones there at a bargained price. 🤑

7. Amenity Dream Ikebukuro

Source: Amenitidorimuikebukuropawakyu

For our next store, at the intersection where the previous store was, head east and walk down the alley up until you reach an intersection where the alley intersects with a main road.

On the ground floor, of the building, you’ll find a Sukiya store and in this building, head up to the 3rd floor to find Amenity Dream Ikebukuro.

Unfortunately, this store mostly sells other TCG cards and has only a small collection of Pokemon TCG cards and booster packs but it’s worth paying a visit considering it’s very close to the other stores in this list. 😢

8. Card Paradise Ikebukuro

Source: カードパラダイス(Card Paradise)

For our next store, head back to the intersection with the building where Dragon Star is located at, then head north and walk straight down the alley until you come across a yellowish-brown building next to a hotel that looks like a residential apartment building.

This store will be quite challenging to find as it is quite obscure, where once you’ve entered the building, look for an elevator and take it to the 3rd floor. From there, there will fortunately be signs to guide you to the unit where the store is located at. 😩

Although it’s a small store, they have a collection of singles sold at competitive prices as well as some sealed products including English ones depending on their availability.

9. Toreka Zamurai Ikebukuro (2nd store)

Source: トレカ侍池袋2号店

In Ikebukuro, there are 2 Toreka Zamurai stores, where you can find the other one here but we recommend going to this 2nd store as it seems to have a better collection of Pokemon TCG products than the other store.

From the previous store, Card Paradise, you’ll need to head north, go past the first intersection and continue down the same alley until you reach another intersection connecting the alley to the main road.

At this intersection, turn right (east) and stop at the building with right after passing by a MOS Burger store.

Unfortunately, the entrance to this store is yet again quite obscure. On the ground floor of the building, you’ll find a burger restaurant called Chillax and next to it, you’ll find a narrow flight of stairs. Go up the stairs and you’ll find the store with a yellow door on the 2nd floor. 

Despite all that difficulty in finding this store, the selection that this store offers is clearly worth the trouble.

This store does not only offer a wide variety of modern singles, but they also have a good selection of PSA-graded slabs as well as sealed Japanese booster boxes, all sold at respectable prices. 🤩

With that, those are the nine stores that sell Pokemon TCG products that you should pay a visit to if you’re visiting Ikebukuro. May you find all the cards and products that you want and enjoy your trip! 😺

Since Ikebukuro isn’t so far from Akihabara and many people visit these 2 places together, if you plan to make a trip to Akihabara, we also have some stores to recommend visiting! Read our article here for the 7 stores in Akihabara where you can buy Pokemon TCG products.

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