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RAM Upgrading Guide: Don’t Just Go For Cheap 16GB RAM!

Ram Upgrade Guide
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Is your computer getting slow? One of the easiest and cheapest changes you can do is upgrade the RAM. We will be explaining what RAM does, and how should you choose your RAM.

What does RAM do?

RAM, or Random Access Memory, temporarily stores data. It provides the computer with a “working” memory, which allows it to read and write access to the storage quickly. RAM will enable data to be loaded more quickly instead of reading it off the hard drive. Once power is not supplied to the RAM, the data stored will be deleted.

RAM Speed

When choosing a RAM, you will usually notice the frequency, which is typically something like 2133 MHz, 2600 MHz, 3200 MHz etc.   Other factors such as the number of channels, DDR rate and latency matters too. The frequency users often mistake as the “RAM speed” is the number of commands it can process a second. The higher frequency is usually there to prevent bottlenecks from other components of your PC, such as the CPU speed. You can check this out to find your real RAM speed.

RAM Size

RAM size is simply the amount of data the RAM can store. As mentioned earlier, these data will be accessed to for quicker loading compared to loading it directly off your HDD or SDD. Typically, 8GB is the minimum requirement for most AAA games today. If you are asking how much RAM to get, we would suggest 16GB if you have the money, but 8GB should suffice.


RAM speed vs RAM size, which is more important?

The real answer is both are equally important. RAM size is needed for data to be temporarily stored for it to be loaded. If you do not have enough RAM size for high speed, then the amount of data that can be loaded is minimal. On the other hand, if you have 32GB of RAM but your speed is slow, then these data will be loaded very slowly. It is also reported that RAM speed has a more significant impact for PCs on AMD CPU. The importance here is to strike a balance, don’t go overboard on one and neglect the other. The lower-spec will be the bottleneck either way.

Another thing to take note is that it is better to use 2 RAM stick compared to 1. For instance, 2 8GB RAM will perform faster than 1 16GB RAM as it will have higher bandwidth.

Lastly, no you cannot download more RAM to upgrade your RAM, please don’t try it.



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