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What Are The Best Domain Authority Checkers (Moz SEO Metric)?

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Domain authority (DA) is something that everybody in the SEO industry talks about. Aside from the relevance of a website, DA is the key defining metric when it comes to pitching to your clients how much a paid collaboration with you is worth approximately. Do note, however, that the Domain Authority by Moz is not be confused with Ahref’s Domain Rating (DR), where the 2 metrics measure entirely different things.

Take for example, at the point of writing, our site Guidesify has a relatively high domain rating of 64 (not to brag) but a much lower domain authority of only 56.

Hence, without much further ado, here are the top ways we use to check any domain’s domain authority in a blip!

Domain Authority Checker: Bulk SEO Tool By Guidesify

New Domain Authority Checker by the Guidesify Team

Due to popular demand, the Guidesify team has painstakingly picked up programming and developed our online tool for our readers. This tool is free forever and all we expect in return is your email address.

We believe our bulk checker tool stands out from the rest as it checks beyond domain authority and page authority. Users are also able to view the spam score, a recent metric developed by Moz, and the total number of backlinks pointing towards the checked URLs. This is never before seen on any other third-party bulk checkers.

On top of that, we have also come up with a guesstimate metric called Ranking Potential, or RP for short.

This letter-graded metric is our bold attempt to help newbies make sense of the data presented to them. So why are you still here?

Try out the revolutionary bulk DA checker now or find out more about our Ranking Potential (RP) grading system.

The Traditional Way: Moz Link Explorer

Check your DA with the creator of Domain Authority of course!

Moz offers the Link Explorer function as a free SEO tool with limited queries that refreshes every month.

The Link Explorer feature allows users to do an in-depth review of the URL or domain they are trying to analyse.

How so?

For starters, the tool consists of the following research data:

  • Overview
  • Inbound Links
  • Linking Domains
  • Anchor Text
  • Top Pages
  • Discovered and Lost
  • Compare Link Profiles
  • Spam Score

Checking Domain Authority On-Demand

Moz also offers a Google Chrome Extension MozBar which allow Moz users to display only the Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority of the current page they are currently surfing on.

The main perk of this on-the-go Moz tool is that it does not consume any free search queries for the month. However, users must be logged in to utilise the Chrome extension.

Activating the extension is as simple as clicking on the Moz logo.

If activated on a regular Google search results page, the MozBar tool will display both PA and DA below every search result, as shown in the screenshot below:

SERPs search results MozBar PA DA
Page Authority and Domain Authority will be displayed below every result.

This will help SEO professionals analyse the SERPs quickly, giving them an additional edge to outrank their competitors.’s Bulk Domain Authority Checker

Looking for a third party tool after using up Moz’s free queries for the month?

Or looking for a bulk checker tool for DA?

Well, most bulk checkers have a tiny limit of up to 10-20 domains at a time. While the rest of the online checkers that boast a larger limit usually don’t deliver or are filled with gimmicks.

So not much of a “Bulk DA Checker” in our opinion.

Nevertheless, after months of searching and testing, the Guidesify team recommends using It allows users to check up to 250 domains at a time, which is considerably much more than any other online tool on the internet.

Checker supports up to 250 domains at a a time.

Users can even export results into a CSV file, an intuitive feature that is somehow never available on any of its competitors’ tools.

The downside to this tool?, unfortunately, limits free checks just like Moz, so make sure you have tons of domains to check at one go! Checking the same bulk of domains between short intervals is also not advised as the tools will not fetch a new set of data again.

The All-Rounder Bulk Domain Authority Checker? ClickMinded is your Answer.

Don’t want to be limited by free trials and search query quotas but unwilling to spend a single dime on it?

Well, ClickMinded may be the all rounder solution to your budget concerrns!

It may not be able to export results into a CSV file or analyse up to a whopping figure of 250 URLs at a time like, but ClickMinded still packs a punch when it comes to bulk checking URLs.

reCAPTCHA expires pretty frequently, but this DA checker tool is hands down the best!

You can check up to 100 URLs at a time, which is substantially more than any other domain authority tool. There is also no limit as to how many times you can check – simply complete the reCAPTCHA every time it pops up to continue using it indefinitely.

Since you are still here, here is a pro tip! This will help SEO professionals analyse the SERPs quickly, giving them an additional edge to outrank their competitors.


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