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Top 7 Banger Mangas You Need To Read In 2024

7 Banger Mangas To Read In 2024
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Are you a big anime fan looking to get into reading mangas?

Wondering what is all the hype is about reading mangas when you can just watch anime?

Well here are 7 jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, entertaining-to-read mangas for you to start your manga-reading journey!

1. Kaiju No.8

Love watching Ultraman when you were younger or found yourself captivated watching Pacific Rim on the big screen?

Well, Kaiju No. 8 is a thrilling tale of monstrous beasts and elite defenders and jus might be the best starter manga for you!

Grotesque creatures known as “kaijuu” wreak havoc across Japan, and it’s up to the brave members of the Defense Corps to protect civilians.

Among them is Kafka Hibino, a man with dreams of joining the Corps and battling these monsters head-on.

But fate plays a cruel joke on Kafka, as he finds himself transformed into a humanoid Kaiju with newfound powers.

Will he fulfil his lifelong dream or be consumed by the very thing he once vowed to fight against?

2. Sakamoto Days 

If you liked Spy x Family you would definitely not regret reading Sakamoto Days.

Prepare for laughs and action in “Sakamoto days,” where a legendary hitman navigates the challenges of family life. 

Taro Sakamoto was once feared by villains and respected by hitmen across Japan, but now he’s a devoted family man running a neighbourhood store. 

However, when danger comes knocking, this chubby flabby former assassin must dust off his skills to protect his loved ones. 

Get ready for a unique blend of comedy and heart-pounding action as Sakamoto proves that even retired hitmen can’t escape his past.

3. Kagurabachi

Embark on a quest for vengeance in Kagurabachi, a story of swordsmanship and tragedy.

Young Chihiro trains under his father, a renowned swordsmith, with hopes of becoming a master blade-maker himself.

The goofy father and the serious son thought these days would last forever.

But when tragedy strikes, Chihiro’s world is shattered, and he vows to avenge his father. 

Dive into epic sword battles and witness Chihiro’s transformation from a naive apprentice to a relentless warrior driven by revenge and blood.

4. Jujutsu Kaisen

We are sure that nobody’s surprised that Jujutsu Kaisen is on the list of banger mangas to read, after all, its anime adaptation won best character design, best action, and best cinematography.

And boy if you love the animation adaptation you are gonna love the manga just as much.

Gege Akutami’s amazing and unique art style paired with an amazing story Jujutsu Kaisen is a manga that deserves a read.

Set in a world where Cursed Spirits feed on unsuspecting humans, scattered fragments of the legendary and feared Sorcerer Ryomen Sukuna pose a great threat to humanity.

Fortunately, Jujutsu Sorcerers stand as the protectors of humanity. Follow their gripping battles against malevolent forces and explore a richly detailed world filled with magic and danger.

5. Wind Breaker

In Wind Breaker (By Satoru Nii), we follow the story of a teenage degenerate named Haruka Sakura.

Being scorned and bullied by the people around him, Haruka Sakura is an outcast forced to be strong and craves to be stronger.

Haruka comes from out of town to join Fuurin High School, a school of near-dropout degenerates known only for their brawling strength.

In a school known for its brawling prowess, Haruka faces off against rivals and territorial disputes in pursuit of his dream. 

Brace yourself for intense action and fierce rivalries as Haruka climbs the ranks to claim the title of top dog.

6. Shangri-La Frontier

Set in the near future, where games that use old-fashioned display screens are classified as retro games, while full-dive VR games have become commonplace. 

Rakuro Hizutome, a self-proclaimed “trash game hunter,” masters the art of overcoming game flaws in unplayable games, but is stumped as to what to play next.

Rakuro enters the world of Shangri-La Frontier a popular VR game in Japan with a fanbase of 30 million players, where all the skills he has attained as an expert trash game hunter will prove handy as he progresses into being the top player in all of Shangri-La Frontier.

7. Gachiakuta

Orphaned boy Rudo lives in the slums with his foster parent Regto earning a living by carrying out criminal activities in town. 

However, one day he comes home only to find Regto murdered and he is ultimately accused by everyone for the gruesome crime. 

As he is sentenced into the abominable Abyss, Rudo vows with fury to kill the person responsible and all of society who accused him of murdering the only family he had left.

With gripping plots, dynamic characters, and pulse-pounding action, these 7 mangas are sure to keep you hooked from start to finish and a great start to your manga reading journey.

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