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8 Google Chrome Extensions You Must Have!

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There are millions of chrome extensions out there. Trying them all is impossible. I believe most are plain useless. I have hand-picked 8 of them which you must have. Install them right now! 

Note: Included the links for the extensions below.


uBlock is the best ad-blocker I have ever used. Many ads aren’t blocked by Adblock Plus. uBlock also has more customisation options than Adblock. Not much need to be said. It blocks all those annoying ads that flood some websites.

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HTTPS Everywhere

This extension runs websites in https whenever it is available. Https encrypts your connection between you and the site, unlike HTTP where anyone can snoop on it. The extension saves you the trouble of checking if a website has a secure connection.


LastPass: Free Password Manager

As discuss in my previous post, you need a password manager. And I shall repeat. LastPass is the one and only password manager I strongly recommend. With this extension, you can generate strong passwords, automatically add them to your “vault” and auto-fill login details. There are other additional features. Filling in forms that ask for your names, address, phone number etc. Credit cards information can also be filled in too. All your details are encrypted, so you are protected from hackers. This dramatically improves account security and your productivity too.


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The extension blocks third-party cookies. The cookies collected could be collecting your data. The data may be obtained by the hackers or maybe the government too! For those who do give a sh*t about privacy, these actions executed by the extension allows your webpage to load faster. So get it now.


There are times you are wondering what is behind that TinyURL, or bitly link. The link came from a friend of yours or a hot girl who suddenly messaged you. The link could be malware, p*rn or just an entirely legitimate clean site! You are very curious but afraid to click the link. Unshorten.It! is here to save your cat from getting killed! Simply right-click on the link and click unshorten this link. The trustworthiness of the website will be shown via a screenshot!


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Awesome Screenshot: Screen capture, Annotate

Talking about screenshots, there are times we want to capture the entire page or just a small portion of it. The traditional method using the print screen or snipping tool button takes way too long. They are also unable to capture what is not displayed on the screen (i.e. those part that you need to scroll up or down to see). This extension allows you to take screenshot according to your preferences in a few clicks!


Hover Zoom

Ever wanted to see that picture but don’t want to click on it? With hover zoom, just hover your cursor over the photo or link (yes it works for a link too) and a pop out with the zoomed image will appear. Now you can see that picture without it appearing in your history!



You found a great website while surfing the net on your PC. But you want to read it on the mobile. There is no easy way to send the link to your mobile. Pushbullet is here to save the day. It is a client that syncs all the devices linked to the account. In simple words, it’s a WhatsApp between your Phone, Tablet, PC and Mac. Text, links, pictures and videos can all be shared. Also, your phone messages can be set to appear on your PC. Next time you are charging your phone, you do not have to worry about missing an important text!


I mostly use security and product extensions. They improve my browsing experience a lot and makes me feel a lot safer. Let us know what your favourite Chrome extensions in the comments below are!

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