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Battle of the Smartphone Camera Heats Up (Infographic)

Battle of the smartphone camera hearts up infographic
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If there is one aspect of smartphones which is most liked, it has to be a smartphone’s camera. We are living in times when a lot of the people are taking their buying decision based only on the camera. It has become more like “the camera that makes you look good is a good smartphone”. When there is so much riding on the camera that means more and more brands are pouring in tons of money to improve their smartphone cameras. Amongst all of this, the most significant problem is always to choose one single brand out of many. The infographic is a great way to understand the USP of a smartphone.

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Battle of the smartphone camera hearts up infographic 2

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If we start with Apple, they have two great phones with stunning cameras and an even more impressive DxO rating. The iPhone 8 is a compact machine that has a 7-megapixel front camera and a 12-megapixel rear camera. The best part about the latest iPhones is that now all of them click pictures in HDR mode by default which means the photos come more clear and even sharper. Both the images and video DxO score is more than 90. The iPhone 8 plus is for people with bigger palm size. It has a dual rear lens which makes it capture DSLR like portrait mode pictures.

For people who love the freedom of Android and the customisation that the Android ecosystem provides, Google has launched the Pixel 2. The Pixel is the latest lineup of Google after the nexus lineup was halted. The first pixel was one of the record-breaking phones that shook records of DxO rating. It had a score of above 90. The latest flagship Pixel 2 has pushed the boundaries even more. The pixel 2 has DxO image score of 98 and DxO video score of 96. The best part is that despite having a single rear lens, it can capture portrait mode pictures. Both the phones are great when it comes to the appearance. Right from the back which has a dual tone to the curved front screen. All of it is great. For Android lovers who like a stunning phone with good camera, they can opt for Google Pixel.

Pile of Phones and Tablets

When we talk about Apple and Google, how can Samsung be left behind? TheKorean Giant has come back strong with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The note 8 is a huge phone with lots of new and innovative features. Talking about the camera, the Note 8 sports an 8-megapixel front camera and 12-megapixel rear camera. If you are a fan of low light photography then this phone is the best which can get the job done. There are also a lot of new entrants who have good cameras. Starting with the latest Huawei Mate 10 pro which is a great phone that has dual cameras and can capture good quality portrait mode pictures. The phone has a stunning build quality and all of it goes well with the manual interface of the camera app. Huawei has been producing great phones since last few years but they have just upgraded their game on the camera front. It has a DxO score of 90 which proves how easily it can give tough competition to the top phones on the list. The phone has an aperture size of f1.7 which is good as the lower the number of the aperture size, better it is for the camera as more and more light comes on the sensors making the pictures look more vibrant. Last but not the least, We have the HTC U11 which raised a few eyebrows when it came with the feature of squeeze that would necessarily trigger an action upon squeezing the phone by sides. The surprising fact about this phone is that it has a 16-megapixel front camera while the rear camera is only 12 megapixels. A lot of us click selfies and companies are slowly realizing it. We will see more and more brands packing more and more pixels in the camera.

At the end of the day you need to see which phone is able to cater to your needs of what you wish to do with a smartphone.

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