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HELLDIVERS 2: Hop On The Hype Train?

HELLDIVERS 2: Hop On The Hype Train?
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If you’re craving a multiplayer shooter that combines intense action with hilarious moments and smart design, look no further than Helldivers 2!

Often described as a game if Star Wars, Warhammer40k, Risk of Rain 2, and Starship Troopers had a super baby.

Helldivers 2 throws you into the midst of the chaotic storms of battle against invading robotic automatons and giant alien space bugs, the Terminids, all in the name of managed democracy and the glory of Super Earth.

Ever-Changing Battlefields

Hell Divers 2 offers a diverse range of missions and objectives, from destroying Terminid eggs to activating nuclear warheads, each mission giving its players a new challenge to overcome.

And of course, each map is distinct and unique, with environments ranging from water-filled hills to heavily forested areas, leaving you in anticipation of what map you’ll drop in next.

There are even several optional objectives to be found on the map for those who want to get a perfect victory over the freedom-enslaving invaders.

Using Your Big Brain🧠

In Helldivers 2, teamwork is essential for success, but whether you’re coordinating with friends or playing solo, when caught in a swarm of enemies you’ll need to think on your feet and make strategic decisions.

The game’s weighty shooting mechanics make every shot count, and managing your resources, including limited lives and special abilities, adds to the challenge, giving players a sense of excitement to navigate through the chaos.

LOOTS & Progression

Between missions, players can unlock a butt load of rewards on their Super Destroyer spaceship.

The game’s progression system feels rewarding, allowing players to earn currency by completing objectives and unlocking stratagems that can turn the tide of battle.

From temporary weapons found during missions to permanent upgrades like the anti-material rifle or a fire-spitting shotgun, there’s always a new mass-murdering weapon to strive for!

Helldivers 2 also offers both free and paid battle passes, each with its own set of rewards. 

While the paid version includes exclusive weapons and armour, the free pass provides also plenty of content. 

Furthermore, the free pass also gives almost enough premium currency to buy the paid battle pass, and you can earn the remainder just by simply playing the game.

An Encyclopedia Of Enemy

Prepare to face a wide array of enemies in Helldivers 2, from small bugs to armoured creatures and robotic behemoths, each foe presents a unique challenge.

Terminids, a species of alien space bugs guided solely by an instinctive urge to reproduce, spread, and destroy any foreign life, are a fast-evolving plague that threatens to demolish humanity on every single planet.

Then there are the Automatons, Terminator-like enemies which are nothing more than mindless, bloodthirsty robots, coded for nothing but murder and violence.

And word is there is still an enemy type yet to be seen, the Illuminates, a highly sophisticated civilization that has endured for several hundred thousand years.

Armed with weapons of mass destruction, they are something that the people of Super Earth cannot ignore any longer.

Each battle will be intense, requiring quick thinking and coordination to survive. 

Whether you’re taking down a flamethrower-wielding Hulk robot or evading chainsaw-handed robots, every encounter is adrenaline-pumping.

Rope Your Friends In!

While Helldivers 2 can be played solo, the best experience comes from teaming up with friends. 

Difficulty levels don’t scale to player count, so having a solid squad is key to progressing through the game. 

Whether you’re strategising to hold off a swarm or coordinating airstrikes, teamwork is essential for victory.

Not to mention the wacky fun you and your friends could have playing this game is well worth roping your friends in.

Super Citizen Reviews

Still don’t think the game is worth it?

Well, Helldivers 2 on Steam has 300,014 reviews with 85% of them being very positive reviews, and here are some of the glowing reviews: Steam Community:: HELLDIVERS™ 2.

Hell Divers 2 is a must-play for fans of action-packed multiplayer horde shooters.

With its mix of intense battles, hilarious moments, and smart design, it offers an experience that keeps players coming back for more.

Whether you’re diving into missions solo or with a squad of friends, the thrill of battling for the freedom of Super Earth is unmatched.

So grab your gear, load up on stratagems, and get ready to spread some managed democracy.🎉

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