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Setting up an Online Singapore Pools Account (Simple 4-Step Guide)

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We are sure most of us have thought of winning the Toto Grand prize. The things we can do with millions of dollars falling from the sky is just something that commoners like us can only dream of. The problem is, there are usually long queues when the prize pool gets this big. It can also be a problem if you are a closet gambler and don’t want anyone to know about your secret desires. Fret not, an easy and convenient solution is to set up an Online Singapore Pools account and we will teach you how.


• You need to be a Singapore Citizen or PR or have a valid FIN if you are a foreigner living in Singapore

• At least 21 years old

• Have a valid local phone number and address

• Not under any exclusion order under the Casino Control Act

If you have met the requirements, then you are ready to register.

Step 1: Filling up the online application form

This step is just like any other application forms. Fill in the relevant details to the relevant fields with ACCURATE information, read through and accept the Terms and Condition. We shall not go into too many details since this is pretty intuitive.

Step 2: Verifying your account

Bring down your NRIC or any official documents containing you FIN and head down to a Singapore Pool Branch. The staff will guide you on what to do while you are there.

Important: You need to go to a Singapore Pool Branch, not an authorised reseller. What is the difference? Well, an authorised reseller is usually those that are found inside NTUC, 7-Eleven or any other supermarkets. If unsure, head over here and visit one of the places categorised under “Singapore Pools Branches.”

Do note that you may choose to do online verification on Singapore Pool’s website or mobile app too. This requires the user to set up a webcam and verify his or her identity via video call. Please ensure that you are in a well-lit and quiet environment with stable internet connections for a smoother verification process. The video call is said to be recorded and stored safely by Singapore Pools.

Step 3: Wait

There’s not much you can do from here on. Wait for Singapore Pools to verify your account and you will receive a notification when it is done. 

Step 4: Pray to lady luck

Money from the sky

Image Source: Pexels

Once you received notification that your account is ready, you can log in to your account, top up your account with some money and start playing!

One last thing to note: Please bet responsibly and all the best!



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