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Spices That Will Make Any Meal Better

Spices Make Meals Better
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If you think that any cuisine consists only of a massive amount of meat, fish, and vegetables, then you’re wrong. Spices are the cornerstone of your cooking. They can make any meal better, even if it is the most ordinary and boring one, and an international dating site or online dating will help you kill loneliness and find someone to share a meal. The importance of spices was well understood in the Age of Discovery when ships with spices were the most delicious slice of the cake for the pirates. This is well understood nowadays because spices make the taste of any meal much brighter.


Curry Spices

Instead of usual pepper and salt, lets’ start with curry. This is a favourite Indian mixture, which includes coriander and turmeric, and often, several other spices. The idea of curry is simple: Indians consider turmeric to be a good spice, but only if it goes in combination with others. Spice has an original and robust flavour. This seasoning is universal, and it is suitable for fish, meat, and vegetable dishes.

Smoked paprika


Image Source: Savory Spice

If you cook meat often, then be sure to take smoked paprika. It will certainly make any meat better, adding a flavour of smoke as well as making it of a bright and mouth-watering colour. You can add it to soups, vegetables, fish, and stuffing of pies. The very taste of paprika is sweet but with some bitterness.



Of course, it’s better to use fresh parsley; it will taste better. However, it is much more convenient to use dried one. It is perfectly stored and does not lose its sweetish and a little bit sharp flavour, so don’t overdo with it. It is perfect for potato and fish dishes as well as for various soups.



This spice is necessary for those who like Italian cuisine because basil is its cornerstone. It is used in pastes, pizza, and soups, almost everywhere. You can use it, making a pizza. If you like vegetable dishes, then try to add basil to them. You can’t go wrong with it. Basil is appreciated not for its taste but its aroma because it contains unique essential oils.

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Mexican seasoning mix


Image Source: Spotebi

You should have something spicy just in case. Of course, you can just take chilli, but it’s better to take a Mexican seasoning mix that will help make your meal spicy. Typically, the Mexican seasoning mix consists of the following spices: chilli, red paprika, onion, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, parsley. The main ingredient is chilli. Otherwise, you will not get a spicy flavour.

Calgary seasoning mix


Image Source: Creole

This seasoning mix is created for meat dishes. It is perfectly suited for veal steaks, brisket, and, in general, for everything that can be called “meat.” However, you can try to cook a fish or poultry, using this seasoning mix. It includes sea salt, garlic, dill, cumin, black pepper, citric acid, allspice, fennel. The flavour is bright and intense, but it doesn’t have anything superfluous as well as hundreds of unnecessary shades.

Set of spices

Spices Seasoning Mix

The ability of a person to cook something that is more complicated than fried eggs and sandwiches is well appreciated and can’t hurt. Just imagine what level you can reach, having learned to choose right spices for dishes. You should better start experiments with classic options: nutmeg, cardamom, vanilla, cinnamon, and ground ginger. These are universal ingredients that will be a perfect addition not only for cookies, desserts, ice cream and other sweet treats but also for more demanding meat and fish dishes (pay particular attention to French cuisine), as well as for a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Also, all these spices are natural aphrodisiacs, so you can learn how to use them skillfully and add them while cooking a romantic dinner.

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