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Taichung, Taiwan – The Ultimate Traveller’s Guide

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Near the middle of Taiwan lies Taichung – Famous for being the land of origin of bubble tea. In this series, we will be sharing the places you should visit if you are heading there!

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Food & Delicacies

Let’s start off with bubble tea since it is what Taichung Taiwan is known for. While there are many shops all over, you should definitely visit Chun Shui Tang (春水堂), the shop that claimed to have invented bubble tea. You should try the milk tea here! If you are not a milk tea lover, they even have chocolate flavoured ones! On top of drinks, this shop serves food too. Make sure to try the DongPo set which is absolutely delicious.

Another bubble tea shop to check out is the CHICHA San Chen (吃茶三千) concept store. You can customise the tea, toppings and other add-ons to your bubble tea. While waiting for your drinks, you will be able to experience is a tea brewing session conducted by the staff. At the top floor, you can even visit their own tea farm to see where the tea leaves came from.

Next, head to Miyahara Ice Cream. This is not just any ordinary ice cream shop. Apart from the wide variety of flavours to choose from, there are also unique toppings such as cheesecakes. You can choose to upgrade to a biscuit base which is very instaworthy. Be warned though, there are quite a few branches. Some branches only offer takeaway so there is no dining option so check before heading there to avoid disappointment! You can also visit the souvenir store if you want to buy gifts for your friends.

Of course, we cannot forget the night market. Our favourite was the Fengjia Night Market which is popular among tourists. This night market is famous for the Demon Fried Chicken, Takoyaki and Fried Onion Pancake. On top of the huge selection of food, there are also clothing shops and street games all over.

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Sightseeing & Attractions

To sightsee in Taichung Taiwan, you will have to travel out of the city. Renting a scooter or hiring an Uber is highly recommended although you can choose to take the public bus. First, you could visit the Gaomei Wetland. The land is a mixture of soil and sand and thus giving it a unique mixture. It is a perfect place to watch the sunset. Also, be sure to wear thicker clothing as it is very windy here. This is evident from the windmills nearby.

On a separate day, you can visit Zhongshe Flower Market. This is more of a garden instead of on a market. After entering, you will be greeted by a colourful sea of flowers. You can even step onto the field, make a pose and take amazing pictures. Different flowers are planted for each season so you will see something different when you are visiting during a different time of the year.

For those who want to stay within a city, Rainbow Village will be a good option. Other than it being very Instagrammable, you will also be able to learn its interesting history. While you are here, be sure to get a stick of rainbow ice cream so you can “eat Rainbow ice cream at Rainbow village”

Image Source: Otaku House

Apart from our recommendations above, there are a few others we failed to visit but are on our bucket list during the next trip. For one, we are keen to check out KOI Thé. Like Chun Shui Tang, this shop also serves food and desserts other than bubble tea. Other than Fengjia Night Market,  Zhongxiao Road Night Market is known to be popular for the locals. If you are looking to burn off those calories, you can choose to cycle along the Gaomei Bikeway or Houfeng Bikeway too. To keep your trip fresh (and cute), Totoro Bus Stop will also be a good stop.

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Let us know if you have ever been to Taichung Taiwan and what your hidden gems are!

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Taichung, Taiwan – The Ultimate Traveller’s Guide

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