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Making WFH More Productive – Build Your Home Workspace With TakeASeat (Review)

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WFH, some say good, some say bad. It is a debate that will never end. Even though we are slowly transitioning back and allowing more people back to the offices, some companies do realise the cost and efficiency perks after having a taste of remote working or telecommuting. This, in turn, led to a decision by companies to make WFH a more “permanent” arrangement while employees, on the other hand, are starting to realise there’s a compelling need to upgrade their makeshift WFH workstation/get up. But which products should they go for? Our recommendation: It is one of the most popular ergonomic-friendly (comfort focused) furniture providers in Singapore, more so now due to the pandemic. Here’s why we think their products are worth taking a seat! is one of Singapore’s leading ergonomic-friendly furniture providers with more than 10 years of experience. Specializing in office and kids ergonomics, TakeAseat offers a range of ergonomic products from ergonomic office chairs, standing desks to kids ergonomic study tables and chairs.

Make WFH as productive as from the office – The ultimate home workspace setup

Creating a healthy working environment is as important at home as at the office.The most crucial thing that determines an employee’s motivation and happiness, and how productive and efficient they can be, all boils down to their working environment.

Companies like Google and Facebook understand this perfectly, just take a peek at their offices.

The same principle applies to working from home!

Although giving your room slash house a complete makeover is out of the question, there are other ways to have a conducive set up right at home.

You might as well go back to bed if you are WFB instead of WFH.

Image Source: Pexels

It goes without saying that buying the right and preferably ergonomic chair for your home workspace is one of the most important things to creating the ultimate workstation. In fact, we dare say that buying a good chair can easily increase productivity at home tenfold.

Look at the image above, notice how she has to tilt her eyes downwards to look at the screen while keeping her back and head straight?

As aesthetic as this photo may be, the rest of us will be slouching in no time if we were to work in such conditions.

Working long hours? Protect your back with the New Euro duo back Chair.

Part of TakeASeat’s ergonomic series, the New Euro duo back chair (along with the Pride and Any office chair) is Korean made and features a duo back and removable lumbar support. 

It is designed with an ergonomic concept in mind, and the Guidesify team felt relatively comfortable even when seated for long hours. 

Both headrest and armrests can also be adjusted to your liking for a better support.

Last but not least, the duo back chair is available in 4 different colours – black, blue, green and red – to suit according to the theme/colour of your room.

Retailed at only S$259, this ergonomic chair will surely give maximum comfort for only a fraction of the price of what most competitors would sell their chairs at. 

No more daily commutes, only afternoon naps. A sit-stand desk converter could save your body weight!

Without the daily commutes on the MRT and hour-long lunch breaks, sitting at your desk the whole day at home could potentially take a toll on your health, your posture and worse, your weight! 

Let’s not forget being cooped up in a room all day will give some of us cabin fever.

Using a standing desk may solve a lot of these problems as proven by numerous studies. But not everyone may be keen to ditch their current desks away, especially if it’s still perfectly fine in good condition.


TakeASeat’s Sit Stand Desk Converter Lite is the answer to this problem.

It is an economical height-adjustable desk that sits on top of your existing desk, so users do not have to completely change or discard the original table.

The sit-stand desk converter lite is also available in 2 sizes – small and the medium. We opted for the small-sized one as the dimensions were big enough. (68cmx59cm and 89cmx59cm)

The desk provides limitless height adjustment smoothly, whether you choose to sit, squat or stand. It also comes with an extra-wide, removable keyboard tray.

And when TakeASeat says smooth adjustment. 

They mean it. 

It was indeed a pleasant surprise when we realised that the movement of the gas spring was extremely fluid and seamless, without any squeaky sounds at all, unlike the knock offs you can easily get from Taobao. 

The gas spring comes with a 1 year warranty so you’re very well covered! 

Do note that you would require a pretty solid and large table for it to work perfectly.

P.S. this is why our sit-stand desk converter photos were taken at home instead as the table at our studio was simply not sturdy enough (15-17mm thick) to hold the sit-stand desk converter.

Global Ergonomics Month – October Promotion

Lucky for you, TakeASeat is doing a Sit-stand desk converters promotion starting from next week throughout the month of October as October is considered as Global ergonomic month.

So you will enjoy up to $30 off the Sit Stand Desk Series. 

The one in the picture that we got, in particular, is retailing at $189, instead of the usual price of $199 now!

Final Thoughts

Sit-stand Desk Converter + New Euro duo back Chair

TakeASeat is very competitively priced in Singapore. That being said, its quality does not pale in comparison to its direct competitors/alternatives in Singapore (not gonna mention any).

Most if not all of their products offer free delivery and 1-year warranty on purchase while the installation fee is made very affordable in our opinion.

To be honest, we were very impressed by the mechanics of the sit-stand desk converter lite. The smooth adjusting the height of the desk prevents any sudden jerks and although this may not sound like much (pun intended), we tested it with a full cup of water and not a single drop was spilt that day.

Don’t think anymore, just TakeASeat!

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